Mary, January 25 2021

Mary, January 25 2021

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba January 25, 2021 8:33PM

Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart. Thank you for listening to My message.

World, the world that you’re on, what a pain, what a worry. Some of you listen and others don’t. Some of you are humble and others aren’t. Sincerity is a small word, but large in meaning for My heart. When you comply with My Son Jesus, He also complies with you. Your efforts are not done in vain; your efforts have their value and their victory.

How many of you are working hard to gain heaven? Tell Me. Those who are present, how hard are you working to gain heaven? What have you done to gain heaven? Do you all read from a book or do you personally pray from the heart, love to love, so you can see Me and My Son Jesus one day face to face? Your heart will beat hard when the moment comes for you to enter heaven. You must give account for all that you have done in the world, good and bad. Do you still have something to ask Me so I can offer it to My Son Jesus?

First, the way you live. Some tell the Visionary, “we don’t need to pray so much”, or “we shouldn’t be too closely stuck to Jesus.” Well, let Me say, that this is the moment of truth and life. You should be stuck more than ever because purgatory is full and in heaven there’s more space. There are some of you that deviate from the path of truth and life.

I would like for each of you to place a cross in front of your house’s door. You can also look for olive oil. You must bless outside of your house, outside of the fence, inside of your house and your whole family, each one should be anointed with oil on their forehead and on their hearts to protect them from the virus. Look for a lamb to take care for, because that is what My Son Jesus is asking, because the lamb will remove the sins of the world. Through its blood you will all be exalted and forgiven, through the lamb you will be saved, especially against all the attacks of evil which are hard on you.

You should try to pray 3 Holy Rosaries every day for your family, for your job and for your enemies. My children, do you know how many enemies you have? Do you see them? Or are they transparent? Do you know how many people want to hurt you? You can’t start to imagine. My heart is broken of seeing these cases. They don’t want to see you happy at job or anywhere. They want to see you destroyed, finished and without a job. Do you, My children, believe that this is correct? You all work for your daily bread and when there’s no bread there are screams, pain and problems within the family. My children, make an effort, change your attitude. Don’t speak badly about people but speak well. I want to tell you all that if you have a wish to be happy, you should fight to be happy.

Today we can say that many souls are raised to heaven and babies are born. The 25th is the date of My apparition. It is the date that I appear. I appear on the 2nd, for non-believers, because there are non-believers with hard hearts, closed ears and hearts, flabby hearts with doubts, with bodies that don’t want to be animated to go forward. Sit somewhere and dedicate your lives to God.

The apparition is an encounter of Mine with you, with Angels, Saints and My Son Jesus. Especially because He died crucified for love for you. For this reason, you must place a cross above your house’s main entry door or in front of your house’s main entry door, also place a cross at your fence’s main entrance. It can be a cross with Jesus on it or one without. Don’t delay! This protects your family against attacks of evil that is very close to you. He wants to destroy and finish this world. The cross is for the virus not to reach you. The virus comes from evil, it’s satan wholly who wants to destroy and finish this world so there remains less people living on earth.

My children, what would you like to ask? You have a lot to ask… You can forgive, but you don’t forgive completely, if you’re humble you need to be sincere with everyone, then you will succeed. The word ‘sincere’ is small, but large for Me and My Son Jesus. Wake up your faith, live in reality, live in goodness and in grace. Lighten your candle, don’t let it be blown off, because your life is a treasure, especially for My heart. If your faith is small your light will shine less. Your faith must increase.

Remove all evil that attacks you day and night. How many of you receive attacks during your sleep, personally, during your job, in your car, at your home with your family? How many of you suffer completely of attacks in an awful way? Pray, implore because this is a weapon against satan: Your Rosary. Do you have it in your hand? Raise it. Don’t say that evil is not afraid of it, evil is afraid of it. Raise it and say: “Today you are finished by this Rosary. The more I pray, the more I finish you, because you can’t destroy the world anymore. Our hearts are broken of seeing our family members dying and leaving us. We need a life united in tranquility, peace, harmony and happiness.”

That is why I thank you that you’ve come tonight. I thank you for your presence, so your love can continue. For no one to separate you from the love that I have for you. My children, I have a gift: I will remain for eternity in your heart and in your life so nothing and nothing will bother you.

Peace and peace for the world, filled with light and clarity. I cry of seeing you sad. I cry when you don’t succeed. I cry of seeing you tired and destroyed, and you don’t know what else to do. Open your hearts and offer Me your burdens, your pains and problems, your daily struggle. Do you have love? I also have love for you. Do you have hope? I also have hope for you. Don’t lose hope, because it’s the only thing that you can lose. Have hope, faith, cheer up! Keep going forward, with a lot of goodness and mercy. Say, “Today I have a new life. Today I’m blessed.” Speak My children! Say, “Today I’m a new child. Today I am protected.” Wherever you go My light will remain upon you. Today you are transformed children in the grace and the blood of the lamb of God that takes away the sins of the world. There is too much sin. I forgive your sins but start a new life. I forgive and liberate you in the name of My Son Jesus, with all Angels and Saints.

Do you trust? Is your heart open? It cannot be closed. Open it up! Do you want Me to come live in your hearts? Do you want Me to hold your hand? Talk to Me, don’t leave Me alone. I want to talk. I want to ask you for a favor: Open your hearts, don’t speak badly about others, speak well about others. Give good advice to one another. Then you will always live in unity.

May peace reign in you. My love and My goodness will always be with you. Feel it, feel My grace, My love, My warmth, My smell and the fragrance of My roses. I’m with you today, tomorrow and always. When you come to Me in heaven, I will be waiting on you with open arms. I know that you will also come with open arms to the place where there’s no more sadness, no more tears but eternal life.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you for eternity.