Mary, January 20 2021

Mary, January 20 2021


Mother Mary appeared with 2 Angels of the Throne in a splendorous light at the ‘grotto’ at the homeo of Visionary Valerie in the 2nd Glorious Mystery, in the 4th Hail Mary and the apparition took 16min. Mother Mary appeared with tears in Her eyes of seeing how the world is going.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

Days are going by very fast. As should you go about your works that have stayed behind, because the times are leaving you behind. In a moment it’s day and in moment it’s night. Don’t think to do bad things, but only to do good and to fix all that has stayed behind.

Do you love your family? Make an effort for you all to help each other. Before there was more help and cooperation than now. If you have a job take care of it, because if you lose your job it’ll be difficult to get another one. Take care of what you have and prepare everything I and My Son Jesus have asked you to.

Only sins and evil happen in the world. Keep on pushing forward and pray to be happy. Love can never run out. Don’t think that you can’t succeed in the spiritual life. If you have faith it’ll bring the solution in your life. Don’t be ill-mannered, but remain humble like Me, your Mother. Go forward in the Christian life and in spirituality, don’t stay behind in your doubts. When you treat people well in life a great blessing will come to you.

When you die, if you have always lived well with people, many people who will cry for you. That means that you were a good person with a good heart. Always help ll those who come to you for clothing, food and the Word of My Son Jesus. When you convert your face will shine with a beautiful light.

My children remain in the light and don’t get into the darkness. Don’t treat each other bad with hate, because it’s hard for those you treat badly. Keep on pushing and don’t fall into sin on your way. If you fall in sin and deviate, rise and keep going in the Christian life. Hold tight to each other and support one another till the end. You are all on a test. Work hard for you to enter Heaven in the Celestial Glory. Pray your Holy Rosary every day. Pray from the heart so I can hear what’s in your heart.

There’s no time to keep waiting and don’t delay to do all that you have to do. Your works always stay unfinished. I will stay with you till the end of the world. Never remain weak, but trust in My Son Jesus.

The sun will rise for all of you and other parts of the world will stay in a heavy cold. There will be different signals out in sky, which will be very close. The ocean will become rough and it will go up, there will be many earthquakes, many buildings will crack and there will be a lot of deaths.

You get a lot of hindrances to keep praying to be able to succeed in the struggles in your life. Work hard for all that you must finish.

The virus has come to destroy your health so you can become slaves of suffering. Don’t let anyone dominate you about that vaccine. That hurts Me a lot.

I love you very much. I will keep giving you more messages.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, that loves you forever.