Mary, January 18 2021

Mary, January 18 2021


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of the Visionary Valerie, in the first Joyful Mystery, in the 4th Hail Mary and the apparition took 14min. Mother Mary came once again very worried and with tears in Her eyes seeing how the world is going.


Receive a message that comes from the bottom of My heart.

My children, many of you ask for peace, tranquility, and harmony in the world, but I want to tell you that you don’t have those yourselves. There will be screams of hunger. My children, can you imagine that as you are storing your food, suddenly food is running out, cupboards are empty, there’s less and less money, hunger is getting more, and screams are loud. How many times do I and My Son Jesus need to tell you to plant and harvest, so you have something to eat? How many times have I asked you to make a place to store water or dig a sediment to get to water for drinking, for bathing and cooking? But many of you live to live until something great and serious happens.

I’d like to say something very serious. Why is there so much evil? Because many years ago there were pacts made with satan and that’s why there’s so much evil in the world. Haiti, Cuba and Venezuela, all had pacts with satan to get more power in their positions. My children, you must pray a lot for the United States, because they will not understand each other anymore. There will be shootings and a lot of innocent deaths. There will be many robberies and sudden abuses because many of you don’t listen when My Son Jesus sends different signs telling you to start a new life, to change your ways of living and also the way you speak to another. Here are many beautiful ways to speak to people. Don’t break the heart of someone who has always helped you in good and difficult times.

Now you are going through a very difficult phase. Stay a moment in silence and let My Son Jesus lighten your mind and your heart. Mothers and fathers keep on fighting for your family. Don’t let anyone of you fall into sin. Ask forgiveness for your mistakes every day. I know that life isn’t easy more. Remember that I’m here today, tomorrow and always. I’ll keep praying from My heart for all of you. Never think that you don’t have any value, but think that you have a great value for Me.

You must pray 3 Holy Rosaries daily during this time up until March 2021. You must go to Church, go to prayers sessions and the apparition, make a confession so you can remain free to continue in the spiritual life. Remember unity makes strength and families should unite more. Even though life is hard you must make sacrifices without getting tired, because I and My Son Jesus are here for you. If you are someone with a closed heart, how will you get someone to visit you in your home and talk to you? You must look for a beautiful friendship and not be too closed up but open your heart so you won’t remain in loneliness. Learn to share with each other, because when you need help you will find people to help you. Be humble and sincere and thank for all that you receive every day.

On the 20th of January I will bring more messages for you about the virus.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves you forever.