Mary, January 13 2021

Mary, January 13 2021


Mother Mary appeared in a very splendorous light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of Visionary Valerie, in the 3rd Glorious Mystery, in the 9th Hail Mary and the apparition took 12min. Mother Mary is very worried for the world.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

I feel a lot of pain for you. Every day I worry of seeing how your life is going. The world will face many hard and strong things again this year. Many of you will go against each other, war will start, and many firearms will be used. There will also be a lot of innocent deaths. It’s evil that makes you hate each other, fight one another and treat each other badly so he can laugh, but if you truly pray and from the heart, you’ll make him go away.

Remember that life isn’t easy anymore My children. You must prepare, buy food, and store it in your house for 7 months. Don’t spend all you have stored and saved, keep them in a good place in your homes. The world will be completely paralyzed and there will be a moment of total silence. Once more I say that evil is smart and he wants for all of you take the vaccine to die, because he wants to take possession of this world.

My children, if you take the vaccine it will disfigure your bodies and it will change its inside. If your boss asks you to take the vaccine, you’ll tell him to take it himself and you’ll look for another job. If you take the vaccine, you’ll be an accomplice of the total plan to set the way for the anti-Christ. That is why you should hold tight to your faith and don’t become weak nor be afraid. Therefore, My Son Jesus told you to plant and harvest, and have water to drink, because harder and more difficult times are closing in. There will be a lot of screams that will heard in the heavens.

Now more than ever families need to unite in prayer without skipping any day. Be humble and sincere, comply with the requests I’ve given in all the messages. Stay away from the darkness and get into the true light. You will see and hear of many known people in the world who will pass away. I ask you to stay in silence and listen well to what My Son Jesus wants to ask you. Remember that My Son Jesus has offered His life for the world to receive salvation.

My children, why keep standing in one place with your hands and legs tied? Cut those ties and go into the spiritual path. There is no time to stay behind. Keep fighting to reach victory which you can surely reach. Pray your Holy Rosary and meditate on all the mysteries. The mysteries of the Holy Rosary can be found publicly in the Gospel of My Son Jesus. That’s the answer you’ll give to anyone who asks you. Defend your religion so no one can take advantage of you. If you pray with faith and from the heart evil can never get close to you. He can tease you, but he can never touch you. Open your heart, your eyes and ears, because the new year has just begun, and you have to fight with love for yourselves and for your families.

My children, thank for your all your charity work. I become very happy when you help others. I give you a tight hug with a kiss. I always love you. Thank you for listening to My message.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you for all eternity.