Mary, February 13 2022

Mary, February 13 2022


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light in the ‘grotto’ at the Visionary’s house, in the 2nd Glorious Mystery, in the 5th Hail Mary and She remained for approx. 7min.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

Try to unite and not break each other, you must ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten your mind, so you know what do and say. Never get tired of talking – at the end you will be victorious.

Push forward till the end and don’t be afraid, because fear comes from evil. God is the light of the world, that is why evil can’t dominate nor finish you. For you to succeed you have to do a lot of sacrifice and penance, remember that it’s not for others but for your own good. Hold tight, but hold very tight, so you won’t fall. When you see someone fall, help him and show him that you are with him and give him love.

Keep on praying for each other and for yourselves. Look around you how many problems and suffering there is, don’t put more suffering on you. My children, everything that is happening to you has a reason.

I know, My children, that you are very pensive and tired, but with the power of My Son Jesus you will succeed. Live beautifully, so you can receive beautiful things. Blessings come every day to you, but you have to be open to receive it.

When you are fighting to reach something, others come and break you. If you fall, show Me that you are standing back up and continuing. Don’t let anyone aside, help all who you need to help. Keep walking in the true light that is My Son Jesus, King of the Universe. Please, don’t let anyone fall, you’re all sinners. One needs to help the other in good and bad times and I know you can do it.

If you run out of food you have to ask the Holy Spurut to increase what you already have. Keep living with a lot of strength so you can keep going forward.

When you see a coldness descending in the night or in the early morning hours that would show that the world will receive great things, so you can prepare for what’s coming and it’s close to happen. Grab your Rosaries and pray more from the heart. The more Rosaries your pray, the more strength you receive to bear all that is on its way.

Even though I know you’ve suffered a lot, you’ve kept pushing to go forward. Always remain humble and not proud, because you won’t get anywhere with pride in life, but with humility doors will open for you. When you are humbling you will achieve a lot.

I don’t want to delay in telling you how much I love you and I fill your hearts full of petals of love.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, forever.