Who is the Virgin of Grace of Aruba

Who is the Virgin of Grace of Aruba

She is the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ and also our Mother, the woman chosen from within Her mother. Saints Anne and Joachim, parents of Mother Mary who have given birth to Her at an respectful age. As a child Mother Mary has received teachings of faith, hope and charity, a base on which to become the arch of the new alliance, as She carried in her womb the Incarnate Word, the promised Messiah, our Savior.

She appears in different places, with different titles and different clothing. Here in Aruba we are blessed, because we also receive the visit of the Beloved Blessed Mother. She comes to spread Her grace on all of children who love Her and on those who need Her most. That’s where She takes her name the Virgin of Grace of Aruba for All Eternity, to give our graces for all eternity. To bring divine messages from heaven, to put her children, which are all of us, on the good path and teach us how to get closer to Her Son, Jesus our Friend and Savior.

Aruba Skies

Aruba our beloved island, with her spectacular sunsets has given our Blessed Mother the colors for her dress. Here’s there’s another proof that She is our Celestial Mother, because She chose the color of the skies of Aruba during sunset. The Blessed Mother has chosen to come to the people of Aruba and to the people of the whole world like this. Her dress is sky blue and purple. It seems that She covers us with her precious mantle when the sun sets on the horizon. With the crown on Her head She shows that She is Queen of Heaven, Queen of our lives, Queen of the Holy Rosary, in whom we put our trust.

The Dove

The dove lies on her chest and it represents the Holy Spirit, the same spirit that moves on this world to give its gifts to all. The first person who has gotten the gift of the Holy Spirit is the Blessed Mother. Through the Holy Spirit She got pregnant and carried in Her womb the Son of God. In the mouth of the Dove there’s a rose that the Blessed Mother offers to use through the Holy Spirit. On her abdomen, she carries the Holy Communion, which is the body of Christ, the innocent lamb that is sacrificed, the same Holy Communion that we receive when taking communion in Church, Jesus is present in our life. He is the new alliance and the Blessed Mother is the Arch of the Alliance.


Red, White and gold are the colors of the roses around the lower edge of Her dress. Red stands for the blood of Christ that He shed on the Cross for our salvation, the White stands for purity and peace and the Gold stands for the divinity of our Lord Jesus, God with us. The Blessed Mother loves us very much and She gives her children who need her most a rose in their hearts. The Blessed Mother is a tender Mother, who brough Her Son in this world, the King of the World, in a poor manger. Without shame, tenderly She waited to welcome the shepherds and the Kings of the Orient at the place where Her Son has come into this world. This way the Blessed Mother shows us humility, appearing bare feet, being the Mother of the King of the world, the owner of everything.

The World

With the world behind Her, She wants to show us that She is the Mother and Queen of heaven and earth, Mother of humanity. The Blessed Mother chose Aruba to appear, a small island, but great in Her eyes, because the messages are for the entire world. With her open arms She’s ready to receive all Her children. She shows us Her love by taking us one by one into Her arms, as the Mother of the World. The Blessed Mother invites us to come closer to Her, so She can guide us onto the good path. As Mother She doesn’t want us to go into damnation, but to become part of the Kingdom of Heaven which is destined for them.

Her Apparition

When the Blessed Mother comes to this world, She comes on top of clouds. In special occasions She comes dressed in white, in the company of Angels and Saints. In December the Blessed Mother comes as she was when Her Son was born with the Baby in her arms. Her rays are precious and they fall on all those present. The Blessed Mother asks to share the Holy Rosary in prayer when she comes, that’s why there are different people who pray the mysteries of the Rosary every 25th of the month. If you would like to pray a Mystery you are more than welcome – just ask to receive the beautiful opportunity. As a Mother She wants us to offer Her all our worries and problems, so we can remain relieved.

Bringing Her Message

With a smile on Her face She comes to give Her message. The Blessed Mother becomes happier when we offer her fresh flowers and we light a candle for our lives. She is ready to take our petitions to her Son Jesus, the King of the World. The dove on her chest flies around giving graces and comes back when our Blessed Mother is ready to return to Her Son in Heaven so She can intercede for our favors. During the apparition our Blessed Mother wishes to see all of Her children closer to He. The Blessed Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, a tender Mother Whom we can always count on and Who is beside us to guide us and take us to Her Son Jesus.

Her Messages

She has given more than 195 messages. The messages of our sweet Blessed Mother are unique. She asks us to always be at the side of Her Son Jesus; For us to return to the Holy Rosary every day without getting tired. For us to open our hearts and prepare for a place in it, where She and Her son Jesus can live for eternity. Pray, pray, pray because the sins are great. Consecrate to My heart and to the heart of My Son Jesus, She asks. Unite the families more with each other and pray together the Holy Rosary for love, peace, union, so you can have tranquility in your hearts and your homes. Make a good confession every month, She asks and don’t do the same sins again. Start a new life with the seal on your foreheads, so you can face all obstacles in life. Do more sacrifices, penitence, fasting and ask for forgiveness for your own lives and conversion of sinners, for those who are lost and who live in darkness.

Her Teachings

Ask for forgiveness and repent of all your sins, so you can be clean and pure in their eyes. Go to Mass every day to receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. Visit My Son Jesus in Holy Sacrament, the Blessed Mother asks, so you can receive strength to keep going forward. Pray for the Pope, Bishops, Priests and the enter Catholic Clergy. Read the Holy Gospel daily and meditate on the Jesus’ words to see what He would like to tell you. What’s most important is to love our sweet Blessed Mother and her Son Jesus from the heart as They love us. These are few things She teaches us and asks from us in Her messages. Complying with them we will be sure that we will produce beautiful fruits of faith and grown spiritually.