Who is Jesus our Friend and Savior

Who is Jesus our Friend and Savior

Who is Jesus, our Friend and Savior?

Jesus is the Incarnate Word, He who was born from Mary, forever Virgin and Daughter of God Almighty. For us He is God, our Friend, our Attorney, our Doctor, our Savior. He is the One who doesn’t close His eyes and sees all that is happening in this world. This world is perfect, because it’s the creation of God the Father. Because of the original sin, day by day, humanity has deteriorated more and more, that is why God the Father sent His only Son to this world, to save humanity. Jesus’ entire sacrifice and suffering wasn’t in vain. With His passion and death on the cross and His admirable Resurrection, He has closed a new alliance and He’s achieved a place for us together with Him in His paradise. He left His cross as our inheritance, to show us that through that cross we are saved. Still this isn’t enough for humanity and day by day there’s more and more sin. As He is a merciful God, He is appearing to bring His message that is preparing us for a life of love, unity and He guides us on the good path, because in His eyes we’re all equal.

Aruba has not remained behind. In 1998, on October 4th, Jesus has manifested Himself on this world to our beloved Visionary, Valerie. He has come on this little island to give His message for the entire world. As His title He’s given to Himself, “Jesus our Friend and Savior”, He’s asked for His devotion to be spread. We have approximately 99 messages of Jesus and He’s appeared to our Visionary more than 100 times. Jesus measures 1.87m, He has Brown hair, His hands are large and His face always has a smile, even when He is sad. We can see the color of His robe during sunset; the gold is the path we have to walk on and the cross is which we have to carry every day. With His sandals on His feet He shows us His humility and He is ready to help and take use on the narrow path of salvation. The first message for us and the world, which was distributed, is that of November 7 1999 where He emphasized that He was watching us with two large eyes, that His love is eternal and there were still people who didn’t know to value and love that this miracle has. Pray for the departed, because a lot of them do not reach our Lord because they didn’t know who God is. There are many who are hurting His heart with false gods and wrong religions. Pray, pray is what He is asking.

To be Jesus’ disciple in these modern times, we have to follow His commandments. Furthermore, we need to have a clean and pure heart and ready to help without complaining. Do you see around you how many problems there are? This is because of the lack of love and dedication in each heart, Jesus says. Those who truly love Jesus and His Mother, have to put Them in the first place in your lives and after this your families. Those who want to walk in the true light will receive a beautiful and special place in the Celestial Glory, Jesus says. Pray the Holy Rosary every day to push away all the bad things that are coming for you and have patience, because many of you are impatient. For Jesus our Friend and Savior it’s very important to pray the Holy Rosary, that is why almost in all His messages He asks to pray the Holy Rosary.

Jesus appears to our Visionary without warning, without telling the day nor time. He comes unexpectedly. From the 4th of October 1998 through the 7th of November 1999, we cannot tell how many times He appeared to our Visionary. His apparitions during this period were to prepare her, to teach her and make her strong in His word. From the 7th of November 1999 until today we have His apparitions and messages documented. The date on which He likes to appear mostly is on the 25th and we can see, if counted well, Jesus appeared 43 times on this day. In all the 16 years (commemorated on October 4th) of Jesus’ apparition, the 24th of the month is in second place. Other days on which Jesus has appeared would be, to name a few, are the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 10th, 11th and 17th. Only in the month of January of has Jesus appeared 12 times in these 16 years.

In all Jesus’ apparitions there are 2 dates that stick out. The first was on July 24 2003, when our Visionary was returning from a trip which transited in Curaçao before coming to Aruba. At 2.50pm Jesus appeared to our Visionary and speaks to her about His Visionaries around the world who are total of 1178 Visionaries. Many of them receive apparitions, visions, beautiful dreams or signs of this they need to do and the greater Visionaries can speak to Jesus and He can touch them too. Some of them can see Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Angels and Saints. He also said that He was happy and that it’s an honor when you have the name Jesus, Mary, or names of Angels and Saints. The second apparition was that of December 21st of 2012 at 3pm when many people were present. For 7 days we have been preparing, fasting, with abstinence and prayer to show Jesus how much we love Him. On that day Jesus spoke, amongst others, about confession, that He frees us fro sin so we can start a new life and transformed in His name and that of the Virgin Mary.

Jesus has great worries, that’s why He always speaks about the young people and about what’s happening in the world in His messages. Remain humble, because if you with abundance and you find yourself in hard moments, you have to start again. Why do you have to be weak, without strength and without courage in your faith? Your life is like a balance, now you turn to Jesus and to Mary and then you change and turn to worldly things that have no value. Many times you don’t know what you want in life and you don’t see your own mistakes.

The reason for these messages of Jesus is the increasing liberty without guidance or attention, which makes humanity fall into temptation and unwanted things happen, for example assassinations, abuse and much more. The messages are not in vain, that is why Jesus has come to bring them, to alert and protect us and with a clear mind so that the light can move us and live in use through His word. Help one another without fear; wherever you go, tell a person that their feelings are what their heart dictates; Jesus says that by doing this you help that person. What else does Jesus ask for? What He asks the most for is to believe in this miracle and in his beloved Mother “the Virgin of Grace of Aruba” without seeing Them, pray with the sick, go to Mass, pray and fast, confess and much more.

This world is perfect; it’s humanity that hurts Jesus because of their sins which are making this world imperfect. Jesus says that there are no more horrible sins to be committed, because all have already been committed. All of these things bring earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunami’s and the war that is menacing peace, that’s why Jesus asks to pray for Venezuela, Colombia and specially for the US, China, Iraq, for their hatred. Also pray for Peru, Ecuador and other islands that are poverty. Many places throw food away and forget those who hungry. Jesus has a lot of pain to see all of these things happen. Mistreatment continues, abortion continues, divorce continues. That is why He is asking to go to Church and pray with love and faith and ask Him that He may give you His light so you can walk on the path of the truth. The path to follow Jesus is tight, because many people don’t want to accept what is of Him so they can change their lives for a Christian life.

Slowly this world is becoming smaller due to so much sin and because many people are in other religions. Catholicism is the religion that Jesus founded, when on the last supper He asked His apostles to keep remembering Him when He broke the bread and shared the wine with them, which His Body and His Blood. People forget the deeds and miracles that Jesus did on earth. Don’t fall on the way, Jesus says, because the time of the purification has already begun. Fathers, mothers, and children need to have patience to learn to understand one another to be able to receive more love. Where the word of Jesus is, that’s where the Truth is. Live prepared because you don’t know the day when you need to respond to your actions. Hug each other and love each other, because you are all brothers and sisters. For Jesus nothing is impossible.

Pray for all of the Priests, for the Bishops and for the Holy Pope and for the entire Catholic clergy. Why does Jesus ask to pray for them? Because at certain moments they can become weak in faith. Pray within families, pray without hesitating. Do deeds that are beautiful in Jesus’ eyes. Bring back the herd that escaped the fences. All of this makes you grow spiritually, Jesus says, and He will give you His sacred gifts. Be honest with yourselves and with other so Jesus and Mary can live in your hearts. Jesus loves you and He doesn’t want you to get lost into damnation. He wants for all of your attentions is for Him only, because He is very zealous. Trust in Him and you will reach everything in His mighty name. His blessing you will receive when you ask for it. It’s in your own hands if you want to serve Him, if you want to be saved. Pray the Holy Rosary every day with a great love, convert, change your attitude and receive Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. This world needs more prayer.

The love of Jesus, our Friend and Savior is eternal. He gives you always what’s good for you. He doesn’t give you a cross you can’t carry, but He helps you carry your cross and with love. Remember that if you want to come closer to Jesus, our Friend and Savior, you need to first pass by His Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, so She can guide you and take you to Her Son Jesus, our God.

On the blessed terrain of Koyari, Their hearts are together, Their love in perfection and Their presence is in the truest Divinity.