Weekly Activities

Weekly Activities

Saturday Prayers

In the beginning the Virgin Mary asked the Visionary to have prayers every Saturday to increase people’s faith and teach people how to pray the Holy Rosary. The Saturday prayers are an important tool to keeping people’s faith and to their spiritual growth.

From Mondanza Saturday Prayers were organized in the back porch of her parents’ house. But soon everything grew and more people were coming to the apparition and more people joined the Saturday prayers. When Jesus showed the Visionary the terrain he wanted when moving the apparitions to larger place, that’s when the Saturday prayers grew more.Visionary speaking on Saturdays

Nowadays there’s a schedule of about 20 Saturday prayer leader pairs who lead the prayer every Saturday, before the Visionary gives her weekly speech / talks. The Saturday prayers are a combination of important information of the Roman Catholic Church Saints, Angels, prayers, information on the Church itself, reading of Gospel according to the Catholic Liturgical Calendar, praying of the Holy Rosary and singing songs from the Missal.

The prayer session of every Saturday is an important tool to broaden the spiritual growth in all of our visitors / members, to increase the love of God, the love towards the Holy Family, the love towards the Virgin Mary and the love towards the Saints and Angels. Every Saturday there are different people offering a different program.

The prayer session of every Saturday is important to keep our faith alive and broaden the spiritual growth in all of us.

Saturdays at KoyaroiOrdinary Saturday schedule

  • Welcome
  • Important information on our faith, Saint of the Day and prayers
  • Reading on the Psalm according to the liturgy of Sunday
  • Reading from Scripture according to the Gospel of Sunday
  • Explanation on the Gospel
  • Holy Rosary
  • Songs (from Misal di Pueblo – Missal)
  • Visionary Speech

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