Monthly Activities

Monthly Activities

Apparition of the Virgin of Grace of Aruba

This Virgin of Grace has been appearing to Mrs. Valerie Perez, our Visionary, since 1998 and speaks to her in Aramaic – a language taught to her by Jesus. This event which is on every 25th of the month consists of 4 sections:


  1. Information and prayer intercessions
  2. Processional entrance of the Visionary and praying of the Holy RosaryVisionary receiving the apparition of the Virgin Mary
  3. Reading of the message given by the Virgin Mary and
  4. Speech by the Visionary

It is required for all women to wear a veil during this event as a form of respect towards the Virgin Mary. It is requested for all the wear white in order to show our love and give value to the apparition of the Virgin Mary on the holy ground of Koyari. All religious items will be blessed. All present and all who are aware of the apparition and pray with will receive blessings, especially when following our live broadcast and participating with the prayers of the Holy Rosary. The messages given during this event are for the world and are published with on this website and are available in printed form in the Chapel at Koyari. Prayer petitions provided on this website are provided to the Virgin Mary and Jesus during Their apparition.

This Virgin of Grace of Aruba has been appearing to Mrs. Valerie Perez since 1998.