Devotional Activities


The Voice of Jesus is committed to Jesus our Friend and Savior and His Blessed Mother Mary, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba. Upon Jesus and Mary’s requests to grow our spirituality with the guidance and protection of the Saints and Angels, through the years our devotional activities grew beautifully.

With devotion we follow the lives of the Saints in prayer and in their Feast’s presentations. Every devotion has a group of members who represent that particular Saint, Angel, Jesus our Mary. These groups meet frequently through the year in order discuss and organize their way to the devotional period, this to give their utmost to enhance the devotion and ask the intercession through Novena’s, Triduum’s, or prayer evenings. It’s a labor of love that is so beautiful that it moves the hearts and provides the fruits from heaven.

Every Saint, Angel, Jesus or Mary, teaches us how to live with better guidance in Christian life, how to understand the works of God in the lives of precious people, so long ago and still their lessons can be applied in our lives today; We learn so much, we love to hear more – We sit in the school of Jesus Christ who shines the light of His Love and Mercy every day with rays of hope of everyone.

These are the Devotional Activities of The Voice of Jesus. Click in each of the sections below.