Jesus and Mary always require the Visionary to do certain tasks the below are only a few of them.

Rosaries around Aruba

Jesus Our Friend and Savior and the Virgin of Grace of Aruba asked the Visionary to go around Aruba by boat and throw rosaries in the sea, every rosary thrown in the ocean should’ve gone accompanies with prayers. On July 2nd 2012 the Visionary went in her husband’s wooden fishing boat of 23ft around the island of Aruba on this mission with 6 volunteers. 125 Rosaries, with a lead connected to each one, were thrown in the waters around Aruba, with the guidance of the Angels of Koyari.

This mission started in the early morning, around 7 o’clock in the morning the small fishing boat was heading East and around Aruba through rough waters, but with a lot of faith, prayers and singing to Worship and Glorify the name of God, to protect Aruba for all that is coming for the world. At around 3 o’clock in the afternoon they returned at Varadero happily.

Prayer Bustrip 2012

Jesus and Mother Mary requested the Voice of Jesus prayer group to take prayer bus trip as pilgrimage to protect our island of calamity. With 3 busses and 150 pilgrims we drove around the island of Aruba, singing, worshiping and glorifying the name of God and praying the Holy Rosary. When we were in San Nicolas we stopped by the The Blue Army Center where we received a special blessing from Fr. Juancho, the priest from St. Theresita Church.

Renovation of Baptism

Upon petition of Jesus and Mother Mary, the Visionary together with the group organized a renovation of baptism at a beach in Savaneta. This took place at Mangel Halto, early in the morning. The Visionary proceeded with this renovation with the use of a conch shell, pouring sea water on the heads of the present and then putting their heads under the water. During this activity there was singing and praying. This took place on 2 different occasions in the past.