Miracles and Gifts

Personal Experience of Miracles

The Visionary’s life is a miracle on its own and like she always says, she lives every day with miracles. Here are some important miracles she experienced personally.

  •  A small crown that since October 4th 1998 changes colors and emanates lights, this was the first miracle. The Visionary still has this crown, it still changes colors.
  • Ordinary water was changed in water perfumed with the smell of roses during early apparitions of the Virgin Mary
  • In January / February, 2014 people were requested to bring bottles of water and to place them around the pedestal where the Virgin Mary appears. This water was transformed into “diamond water”, as the Virgin Mary added water from the rivers of heaven to each bottle. The intention of this miracle was for us to drink this water and use the water for our bodies where we have pain, for healings and strength to prepare for what is coming
  • During an apparition tears of the Visionary transform into perfumed oil
  • Since May 22nd, 2014 on the Feast of Saint Rita of Cassia, blessed red roses were given out to all who were present; the Visionary took the roses that remained home and put them by her bedside. These red roses remain beautiful, in bloom and alive for weeks and spreading a nice perfumed fragrance in her bedroom.
  • Many times the image of Mother Mary appears on candles, cups, cheese, coffee, on tiles, on stones, etc.
  • In the Visionary’s bedroom she has a Crucifix on one of the walls that sometimes emanates brilliant rays of light
  • A large crown of diamonds with precious stones appear on the edge of the bed of the Visionary and emanate lights.
  • From July 1999 to July 2000, on different occasions, perfumed oil came out of the body of the Visionary and wet a dress she was wearing. The Visionary keeps this dress carefully and uses it in some specific occasions of healing.

Gifts provided by Jesus

  • Divine eyes, can see and talk to Jesus and Mother Mary in the language of Aramaic.
  • Can see and speak to Saints and Angels.
  • Can help people that are possessed
  • Can tell you something of your past
  • Can preach for hours without preparation