Helping those with problems

The Visionary will always dedicate her time and efforts in speaking to people with problems, bless and bathe them with Holy Water, pray with people with the use of incense, blessed oil and a large Rosary. People than hold a Cross in their hands and many of them feel a big relief for change in their lives.


Consecration of people to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. For this, the Angels of Koyari provides this important date for this activity. When consecrating people to these Two Hearts, a special mantle which made only for this occasion, is put on each person, and after confirmation of the person to accept this consecration, the visionary will pray with them. They will be consecrated the way Jesus according to Jesus’ teaching to the Visionary.

The Possessed

The Visionary helps people who are possessed; they have to confess to a Roman Catholic Priest, than they will come for a separate visit. They receive prayer with a St. Benedict Cross until the expulsion of all evil – they are also bathed with Holy Water. Such a procedure can sometimes take from 3 to 4 hours. It all depends on the severity of the situation. Sometimes the person needs to return again. The Visionary is able to see the spirit that is molesting the person and sees when they leave the body of the person. She says “I am not afraid, I trust in Jesus.”

Visionary’s Presence

The Visionary is also present at all the Activities of Koyari. The Feast of the Virgin of Grace of Aruba on May 13th and that of Jesus our Friend and Savior on July 29th are very dear to her heart, as is also the celebration of the Anniversary of this Miracle on October 4th and the Feast of the Angels of Koyari of November 30th. Also on the Feast of the Virgin of Grace of Aruba on May 13th the Mother of Koyari is elected and on the Feast of Jesus our Friend and Savior on July 29th the Father of Koyari is elected. These two people are chosen by Jesus and their names are mentioned in this very special circumstance.


Lent is a very special time at Koyari. The Visionary encourages fasting (not if people are ill, nor young children) and abstinence for the love of Jesus and His ultimate sacrifice for us. She also encourages all to go to Mass regularly, participate in the Way of the Cross at Koyari Friday’s at 3pm and/or at the Church. During this time of the year, we prepare food baskets, collect clothing and house articles for those in need (also at some other times during the year). Sometimes, when the situation of person in need is urgent, the Visionary asks to give alms which is immediately provided to the person (may happen more times during the year).

In Lent the Visionary also experiences pains all over her body, especially on her head and forehead, on the top of head, a small soft hole is formed which is extremely painful. She gets pains in the palm of her hands, underneath her foot becomes soft and very painful. Sometimes on Good Friday she is not able to get out of bed due to the intense pain.