Our Visionary is a young woman, born on Aruba in 1974, married and with 3 daughters –her name is Valerie Perez.

Visionary receiving the apparition of the Virgin MaryAs a child, born from Aruban parents, she went through many life-changing matters, such as total blindness and being cured to see again. As a teen she was very active, so much as to winning in 1992 a World Bike Cross Championship in Bahia, Brazil. She also liked dressing up in short dresses and nice clothing. As an adult, she never drank alcohol, nor smoked, nor did any drugs. She married, moved out and went on to form a life with her husband.

Valerie was never a very religious person; she only had in her possession a small image of St. Claire and of Venerable Dr. José Gregorio Hernandez which she got as a present from a person who was leaving to Colombia. She never liked praying or going to Church when her husband would go. When she moved with her family back to her parents’ house, she already had her first daughter Myhailly. During this time she got a small stamp on a stand of the Divine Child from one of her aunts. She thanked her aunt, took it and placed it on the tv in her room. Her aunt talked to her and told her to pray to the Divine Child.

In 1998 Valerie and her husband were living at her parents’ house with her only daughter. When they were on a garage sale at someone else’s house, her daughter insisted on a white crown she had found amidst a lot of toys that belonged to a doll, but she was told her to put it back where she’d found it. The next day, Valerie again visited the garage sale and again her daughter came with the crown. This time it was the owner, who had seen the child’s longing for the crown, who told Valerie that it was ok for her to have it; Valerie asked how much it cost, but the owner said “Nothing, take it”, so they took it home. At home her daughter played with the crown and left it on the ground. As Valerie she saw it on the ground, before they were going to the beach that day, she picked it up and put on her tv, she took the small stamp of the Divine Child and put it inside the crown, left it there and brought her daughter to the beach.

The Visit

It was in October of this same year when Valerie late one night, came out of her bathroom after taking a bath, going into her bedroom, as her husband was at work, when something inexplicably beautiful happened and marked the beginning of a life she never thought she’d have.

“Through my bedroom window came a strong wind in my room and my room filled with lights of all kinds of colors and the lights went to the crown.” The floor started shaking and she could barely walk. She fell on the floor and asked what was happening. She got scared and called for her mother. As her mother opened her bedroom door and she saw what was happening, she asked her jesusmother if the whole house was shaking. Her mother, astonished, told her that it was only her bedroom, which was shaking. She asked her mother to call someone to help them. Her mother called a few family members and also Mark, Valerie’s husband. When she came back to the room and tried to open the door, the door would not open. A pregnant Valerie, in her 5th month of pregnancy started crying, shut her ears and closed her eyes out of fear and screamed for help thinking she was getting crazy. A voice spoke to her, and it was loud, but she could not understand what was being said. As the voice spoke, the wind went away, the shaking stopped and the lights went away. The voice stopped and she opened her eyes and saw only the crown lit, every single part of the crown was sparkling light of different colors. She took the crown in her hand, wondering why it was lit. And when she held it in her hand, the crown shook. She went to door, which now could open, and opened it, called anybody there to come see what was happening. All present saw the crown filled with different colors of light and she said “It’s a miracle, it’s a miracle!”.

The next day, she took the colored crown (light purple, light blue, light pink and light yellow) to Fr. Bouwman of the Church of Dakota so he could bless the crown and told him what had happened the night before. The crown became white again while at Fr. Bouwman’s. That same night, Fr. Bouwman sent some people to her house, to say the Rosary. She also invited some people to come to her house to pray the rosary. There were about 50 people that night at her parents’ house where she was living. This was her first encounter with the Rosary, she has never heard of the Rosary before, so she listened to the people how they prayed the Rosary. When they were done praying the Rosary, all of them got the smell of roses and incense, while none of these were present at that time in the house. After the rosary, Valerie explained to them what happened in her bedroom the day before, and showed them the white crown. To her surprise, the crown again changed color in front of all the people present, into light purple, light blue, light pink and light yellow. They were all surprised. It was these people who spread the word about this miracle.

In the days following this, many people came to Modanza out of curiosity looking for the crown and Valerie explained to them about what had happened to her. She told them that she didn’t know what the meaning was of what was happening to her. One of her cousins who did go to Church, advised her to open the Bible to see what Jesus wanted to tell her. As she did this, the Bible opened at Psalm 68. As they read the Psalm, she understood what Jesus wanted to tell her.

The First Apparition

The next month after this, on the 10th of November 1998, Jesus appeared to her for the first time – around 10.30pm in her bedroom. As she saw Him – dressed in white with a blue light beam coming from His right shoulder crossing Him and ending in front of His left foot – she got scared and screamed. He showed to her to be quiet. She was still and said the Apostles’ Creed within herself and then she felt at peace. It was Fr. Bouwman who told her to pray the Apostle’s Creed, 1 Our Father and 3 Hail Mary’s if she’d receive more visits. Her fear went away and she felt strong, as Jesus Christ spoke to her in Papiamento (her native language). Jesus told her why she got the miracle on October 4th; It was because He wanted her to work for this world. Jesus loves the 4th of October, the day of the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi, due to all animals and especially those animals that fly. Jesus asked her to build a chapel outside of her mother’s house, because she was to expect a lot of people. After she’d build this chapel, He said, she’d have to build Him another chapel, because there would not be enough place for all those who will come to the first chapel. She asked Him how she could accomplish this, He answered that this is why He had power to show her that she could. He told her that many would come to help her with this, despite of all the hard times ahead. He said that she would accomplish all He has asked of her by means of His Power. He also told her, that He would change the way she dresses, as He likes to see His Children dressed in long dresses. “Wouldn’t this be more beautiful?”, He asked.

The next day, Valerie took all her clothing, to her mother’s surprise, and threw them in the trash and sold some others. Her mother told her “It is true that Jesus has touched you” and she answered, “like this I will be happier”.

The Second Apparition

VisionaryThe next month, on December 15th He appeared again to Her, saying “Paz pa tur hende” – meaning “Peace to All” – Jesus asked her to organize prayers every Saturday, saying the Rosary, singing, reading from the Bible and her preaching, to start giving fruits to this miracle. Valerie answered Him that she did not know how to preach. He said, “Do not worry, because when you preach it will not be you, but it will be the light of the Holy Spirit which will be in you. This would feed the people who will come. They will like this and many more will come. But many will by envious, because all that you will say, will be the Truth and where there is Truth many do not want to listen. For this you are here, to keep developing in Christian life as I always like to continue My steps and My Truth of Life. Because the Life I carried was not easy. This is why, to all who live on this world, it will not be easy either. If there were no sin, I would have not chosen Visionary’s around the world. A visionary is here to give alerts through My messages that the Father gives to Me. Take these messages seriously.”

The Third Apparition

On the 8th of January of 1999, Jesus appeared again to Valerie saying: ”You will start working harder for Me.” Valerie asks Him, “How? Whatever you ask of me I will do, because you are God and Lord, Who knows all of our movements and you do not close your eyes at any moment. Jesus answered “First, visit all priests so they will know who you are, even if most of them will not believe you, you have to go to them. Stay happy as you are, always with a smile on your face. This way you will see how many people will come to help you to do a lot of work for Me. The best that a person can do is to change his life, to live well and always love My Mother. Go to the Monsignor and tell him to celebrate a Mass every year where you are. If he decides not to, I will be hurt; because taking the Holy Communion in Mass gives you strength, especially the miracle that I have offered to you that nobody can take from you. Keep working and you will prevail. The other tasks that I ask from you, are to make Me a large Cross, provide Me with an image of My childhood, provide Me with a large image of Myself and also one of My Mother and always leave this terrain open for all who want to come. I will show you where the best location is that I want you to build these on will be. I will give you strength and all other Children of mine, to finish all the work that I want. I tell you again, you will get a lot of trouble, because all that is beautiful and that is Mine, will bring you troubles. Do not worry, all who speak against you will come to the chosen place.”

VisionaryThe Fourth Apparition

On the 14th of February Jesus asked Valerie for some petitions: for many people to join Catholic prayer groups that include His Mother and pray with devotion, that Valerie as a Visionary do certain tasks for Him such as visits to the Hospitals to visit the sick, visit homes only on Fridays for prayer, song, bless the homes with Holy Water and use incense around the house, although this is a task of a Priest. Jesus has given Valerie the strength to feel if the house is good or not. At the conclusion of this she should tell the owner of the house what she has felt, because many homes have evil things buried under them. Jesus has also given her the strength to see in a person’s face if the person is good or not and good of health or not.

The meaning of the true Cross

Also, Jesus asked her to pray for all who ask her to pray for them, because life is not easy. Life is hard in many family homes. Jesus shows her what truly a Cross is: A true Cross means how your behavior at home is and how it is in Church. The behavior at home is represented through the horizontal line and the behavior at Church is represented with the vertical line. If both of them are good, then you know your religion, as you should.

More Apparitions

On the 10th of March 1999 Jesus appeared again to Valerie, this time saying “Well My littlest Child, I want to offer you, as your God and Lord, all My Trust. Don’t be afraid of anything, but comply with all the requests I ask you. All the achievements of all the Visionaries of the world count. Even if what I ask of you could be hard, do it with love. The requests are: Let me always be in first place, of all the apparitions; offer all the messages so they can learn what I wish with the world I so much love. Why do you have to live in a bad way with each other? Why do you need to smoke, drink and use drugs, while this did not exist in the past. Why are there so much divorces and also abortions? The only way to ask peace to one another, to keep on breathing deeply without any problems. If you are sad, I will be sad too. If you cry, I will be worried. If you think so much, let Me help you think. Please, let Me help you. Let Me fill you with the light. Visionary giving the message of the Virgin Mary to Mrs. Eta TrompOpen your arms so My light can enter your lives. Many times there is a lot of sadness around the world, but I alone can remove your sadness from you. When you read this message think a moment what I want with you, to live as you should. All those who will listen to My message will keep getting more blessings. Remember, that Saints and Angels exist for each and every one of you. Also, what I want to tell you is that good and evil exists. Glory, Purgatory and Hell exist. Each has different levels; the better you behave the higher you will reach to come to me. Why I say this, is because you all have come on a visit, so live well and do well to one another.”

On the 17th of April 1999, Jesus says “To my beloved Child that has strength and happiness to continue working, because I want to take many of the Visionaries in a rapid manner. But in your case, I need you to continue working for the island that you live on. All that I will ask you is very hard, though all will come to pass. Because all that will come are good things from God. Many people will see the fruit of the truth, because all that is Mine will never end. Many people have thirst and hunger for My Word and for this I am always here. Don’t look for Me only when you have problems and illnesses, but look for Me always. I, your God and Lord, have always time for you. What does it cost you to pray every day? A prayer makes you feel good to keep on living.

All the wind of the morning is the best beauty that I can give you. Look around, there are beautiful birds that sing to you, don’t kill them. Let them keep flying so they too can be happy. Look how many beautiful plants, many of them are medicine that you can use. For example, medicine that you can drink, medicine that you can bathe with, that can give strength for the roots of the house. It is always good for house owner to plant around his house to show the value of what I have offered you. Thank you for this. There is also the sea, a beautiful sky and the soil. Also, many places are cold or warm, depending where you live. This is also a miracle, just as plants grow, you grow. Other miracles that happen are that babies are born every day around the world to see the light of life and they can speak, sing, crawl, walk, run. This is a great miracle. Make good use of your life and your body. Don’t misuse your body; it is sacred in My eyes. For all who listen to My message, learn to understand that everywhere you go I will know, because I am God and Lord. As the world turns you turn with it, many of you don’t know this and live as you want, that is why you should always give the world its value.”

Have you done what I wanted you to do?

On the 24th of May at 3pm Jesus appeared to Valerie again saying, “Have you done what I wanted to you do? If you have done this I will be content. Because My message is the Word that says all the truth where many people do not want to listen to the truth. This is why many people get mad at each other when needing to understand their mistakes; specially playing with their emotions, lying when it’s not needed. Many people wish for a better sacred married life where they can scream of happiness. But many people marry too fast without knowing each other well. Do not do hurry things. I will send you someone for your life. If you can’t get pregnant, do not force pregnancy. Do not use anything that is of someone else, because this is a sin. If you can’t get pregnant, thank Me, because many times many lives of parents and children are filled with discord. This is why you are here to work for Me. Maybe sing for Me, go to Church, help the sick, help the poor, because you can do this. You are free and work will decrease. Do not say that the work I have given you is hard, because all who work for Me have to be happy and proud of what I have offered to them. Also, what can make Me happy, is when you need to care of a child whose father is on a wrong path, I will give you the blessing you deserve. Thank you for listening to Me. If you listen to Me you will progress.”

First Apparition of the Virgin Mary

On the 25th of May 11pm, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to Valerie for the first time, as Jesus has told her She would. It was an emotion beyond description, it was such a grand beauty that she couldn’t believe possible. She touched her eyes, and pulled her face up to see if she could see the Blessed Virgin again, and she could.Virgin of Grace of Aruba

The Blessed Virgin smiled at her and told her, ”Give Me your hand, so I can give you My hand and do not let it go until I finish speaking to you. Do not be afraid, you should be happy that you will become one of the world’s greatest Visionaries who will achieve all that We ask of you.” Valerie answered her by asking her “How can I do all of this you ask of me?” and the Blessed Virgin answered, “Do not worry, My Son will give you all the strength to do everything and everything will be alright. Because all that is of God will never end. Meaning, do all the work that We ask you to. It will be hard and you will receive many problems along the way and many will not believe you. Many will call you crazy and ask you what has happened to you, or if you just want attention, like many are doing. But your case is different, because I and My Son Jesus like how your ways are, simple and humble, you like to smile and you are happy every day to keep on working and become a good mother to your family. With time people will come and they will start believing, because miracles happen every day around the world and there are many more Visionaries. Thank you and I will keep coming to you every month. Remember, My child, have strength.”

The Blessed Virgin continued saying, “Now I will give you My message, starting – To all My beloved children. Isn’t it a beautiful day to listen to Me? Let Me speak about women. Women are very special to Me, because I am a woman Myself who represents all the women of the world. This is why I am Mother of Heaven and Earth. This is why My Son Jesus talks much about Me. This is why He loves Me. I love Him too. This is why I want you to love each other. The more you love each other, the I will love you. Women always forgive faster than men, because women have beautiful emotions where love is abundant. This is why I ask all men, whichever women you see give them respect. Don’t yell at them; do not fight with them because if you do this you will give Me pain. This is why everybody is a sinner, but My only Son Jesus can forgive you.”

VisionaryOn this day the Blessed Virgin appeared to Valerie dressed in a long white dress. A whiter shade that can’t be wither. Around her the brightest rays of white light and around the white light there were many bronze, gold and silver colored “things” falling down, though after she left nothing was left behind, only a big deep emotion. Valerie says that there is nothing and no one more beautiful than the Mother of Christ. Valerie asked Her if she could ask Her something and Mother Mary answered “Yes.”. Valerie asked Her “Why me? There are many other people.” Mother Mary answered her “It is you I want to represent Me.” Valerie asked Her “For Aruba I will and when I receive more strength of the Holy Spirit I will continue working for the world.”

In June on the 2nd, around 11.40pm, Mother Mary appeared to Valerie saying “For all non-believers. Better believe than not believe at all, because if you have believed you will receive all the blessings of the world. Around the world there are Visionaries receiving different miracles. Why they are different depends on the Visionary and what type of work the Visionary can do. Age does not matter. Some Visionaries can get stigmata’s on their feet, their hands and their heads. Others in Lent, their mouths can feel bloody. Others can feel pains at their heads and their backs. Statues at Visionaries houses can get oil, water, blood and other miracles. Others will receive My image on the floor, on walls, in pictures in different ways. What My Son Jesus has asked that is the way it is. Many can see Me or My Son Jesus but cannot talk to Us and others can talk to Us. Others can get miracles of the scent of roses or incense. Remember that all of you are special to Me. You can see here how different the work of God is. Others preach beautiful without using books, but get their words from the Holy Spirit. Others pray with people. Others work for Me and others promote all that is Mine around the world. Aren’t all these miracles beautiful? Remember it is My Son Jesus that can heal you. You can pray to My honor as Mother of Christ, but the one who heals is My Son Jesus through the Father who has given the strength and the Holy Spirit in My womb so I could become the Mother of Christ. I can help you to take all your requests to My Son Jesus, because I’m closer to Him. I see Him always; even though there’s so much to be done on this world. He always comes to Me. Isn’t it beautiful that you too can go to each other? This is why I want all the Visionaries of the world, who represent Me and My Son Jesus, to come together to keep on bringing the strength to the world to end all evil. In the name of My Son Jesus and I, your Mother, I remain. A blessing and a great blessing. Amen.”

Preparing Monthly Messages

In the next months up to November 1999, Valerie received monthly messages. On the 2nd of July the Blessed Virgin came to Valerie and told her that she should start preparing for all the coming messages that She and Jesus will give her, “Because all the messages will become heavier and many people will learn from them. Ask forgiveness, a lot of forgiveness for all your mistakes. Many secrets will be given and one day this Visionary will bring all these forth in this life, where I can say what exists and what doesn’t, what is good and what is evil, what is love and what is not. Specially trust one another, because there’s too much lying. The ones who say they don’t lie, they lie. Those who say they lie, lie. Here’s where you see what I mean when I say that you should grow and become responsible in all the work that is waiting on you. When all the messages are given you will all see the word that is coming. This is why the only way to stop all the problems is to pray from your hearts. If you don’t do this My Son Jesus will not accept it.Visionary speaking on Saturdays

Conversion is very easy. What I mean with easy, is that you should be sure and accept Him. This is what faith is. Faith is not only talking about it, but it’s practicing it. Many changes for your lives await you.”

About the Priests

In August, the Blessed Virgin spoke about the Priests, “Many of them are not the same. Some have more love than others, some want to work more in Church than others, many times kneeled in front of the tabernacle that is alive and keeps on living amongst all of your hearts. I know that the work, of the Priests, the Bishops and the Pope is hard, but they have to do it with love. If they don’t do it with love, they can’t have their job. If you have love and you want to preach and sing to the Lord, then many people will come.

I will feel happy, very happy to see more faces day after day. Ask for forgiveness to one another. Many times, it should not be forgotten that all people on this world are sinners, because sin exists. Goodness also exists. Isn’t it better to do good to one another? This is why I want the Priests, the Bishops and the Pope, to help those in need. My Son Jesus will become very happy and proud of you to represent the Church. No one comes so you can turn him or her away, but take him or her with love. Always take time and trust with each other. This is also for those who serve in Church. Just as you behave in Church behave the same wherever you are. Always walk with something religious on you. Don’t buy things without meaning, things that are not of God. If you want to use things, carry a small cross, a scapular or a star or something of yours that is not something without meaning. Also do not use and do anything that is too much. Simplicity is better. Because when My Son calls for you, you will not go with anything. Many people are too materialistic. Do not forget that all can end. The only thing that cannot end is God. Thank you for listening to Me. I hope that you take this seriously. Amen.”

You are on a visit on this world

VisionaryIn September, the Blessed Virgin said “All the good that you want to do, is good for Me, for you and for the world. The world depends on you. Sometimes love can’t be understood. Because when you love someone that person doesn’t love you back, it hurts, because it was not set for you. Here’s where you can see what pain can do. Your heart could not be hurt if there wasn’t anything that could cause you pain. Turn your path around and ask My Son Jesus to offer you a good person and ask My Son Jesus if you need to remain alone, because He might want that for you. It will be tough, but with other good company. Isn’t this better than having Me see you suffer? Because this happens around the world every day. Isn’t it sad? Sometimes people have good spouses and they are mistreated and not given their value.

Many people, only when they get an illness they look for My Son Jesus, but at all the other times, they wouldn’t. But one illness is to convert a whole family to stay in a chain of prayer united with each other, without anger and hate. But even this way, some people do not understand that illnesses are here for conversion of families. If you convert and My Son Jesus has healed you, proclaim His word, raise your hands to heaven and say, “Jesus has healed me”. Because My Son Jesus, is your friend, your doctor, your lawyer, your judge, you brother, your father whom you can trust for your entire lives. Again, do not forget, all of you are on a visit on this world. Today you can be alright and tomorrow you are called. Learn to live prepared your entire life. Amen.”

My arms are open, are yours?

In the Blessed Virgin’s apparition on the 25th of September at 10.30pm, She told Valerie “To all who will listen to My message, thank you. My arms are open to receive each and every one of you. Are you also opening your arms for Me? Thank you for this. I feel good and happy to come constantly to give the best messages. When I want to come to give My apparition I am overwhelmed to come. Today I will speak about cleanness and purity at your homes, your work, all which is around you and especially for nature. Because all that is on this world is pVisionaryerfect. The only imperfection is you. Depending on your character how you behave at home, with people, your spouses, your children and where you enter, wherever you go, especially in Church. Many people ask for forgiveness and forget afterwards that they have been given it, which is not true forgiveness. A clean up to clean your home is not only once a year, but every time that you see something dirty. As you’ve cleaned it, I will feel that you have the value of what you have. In the eyes of God you will be a person who is ready to keep on doing your best. Also, it is important not to visit each other only once a year, but always live with each other, so that one day when you are in troubles you will be able to get help. This means, give each other the value so My Son Jesus can give your deserved value back. Pray. Keep on praying and defend always the best word of My Son Jesus. My Son Jesus also gives me a lot of strength to be able to bring these messages to the world. When you finish reading this message, kneel, do the sign of the Cross, fold your hands, raise your face to the heavens and talk to God. Ask Him to help you with all your problems that you’ve had in in these last few days and My Son will help you whenever you want. Pray and give Him your trust from your heart and He will listen to you. If you want to cry, cry. Your problems will become less and slowly He will remove it completely from you. Just as in the past My Son Jesus was not in a hurry for anything. Wait on Him and He will come for each and every one of you. But many people do not have enough patience to wait. Many people want things immediately and without thanking My Son Jesus every day.

Thank you for listening to Me. Again I ask, if you have listened to Me, these best messages, you will succeed and you will receive brightness in your face and everyone will ask you what happened to you. You will answer them that God has changed Me and God has touched Me. I want you all to look for God also. Let Him open the doors of your hearts and let Him live in it without ever leaving it. Amen.”

I remain the same Mother

On the 13th of October at 8:20pm, the Blessed Virgin appeared to Valerie saying, “I, Mother of Christ, have many titles, different names that represent around the world where My Son Jesus wishes. But I remain the same Mother with a lot of happiness to keep on coming to give My love and share My happiness with your happiness. Make sure that your homes have Holy Water, candles, incense so that a Priest can also come to your homes to pray. Where the word of God can be read form the Book, read it, explain it and tell everyone how to understand it. Everyone Visionaryunderstands the word of the Bible differently, in his or her own way, as My Son lets you feel it. The Rosary is a concentration for your lives, on the past life of My Son Jesus and Mine, this way you can also say your petitions during the Rosary. Pray it slowly, but do it with love. When you feel that something is preventing you to sleep at night, say one Apostle’s Creed, spray Holy Water on you, mark a Cross on your body and ask always for forgiveness.

Let me speak now about playing with each other’s emotions. It’s not good. This also hurts Me. All that you do your children will do too, because all that children see they will do. Education is something beautiful in the eyes of My Son Jesus. Children are tomorrow’s future. Show your children how to pray so they will never think of taking the wrong path. This is what I want to say to all those who live on this world, who speak all languages; That they are all so beautiful to listen to – how every language sounds. Isn’t it beautiful? I think it’s beautiful. It depends where you were born, a warm or cold country, a different skin color – all show you exactly from which country you are. But the most important thing is, that you are all the same and you are all brothers and sisters in Our eyes. This is also a miracle. You can see how fast the year passes by. Don’t you see how fast it goes by? This is why, do always good, do not discriminate each other, there are no rich or poor people, because many rich people push the poor aside, this can’t be. Money brings many problems. What you see is hate, problems, killing, vengeance and much more. That’s why you should live as you should in the eyes of My Son Jesus. Because all that you do My Son knows. Again, ask forgiveness for all the mistakes you’ve made. That the grace of God would bless you all and respect everyone’s thoughts. Amen.”