Modanza is the name of the neighborhood where the house of the parents of Valerie is situated. The house of her parents is where Valerie used to live with her husband before she moved to her current home. It was at her parents’ house, in her bedroom, where she first received her miracle and apparitions. It was in one of the early apparitions of Jesus – 2 months after the miracle – that He asked her to make Him a chapel in their yard on the same spot where a big almond tree was. Valerie liked this tree very much, as she used to climb it and take pictures in it, etc. “As big as this tree is, as such will the fruits of this miracle be”. He came and told her to open the window and He said “Here I want the chapel and its name will be ‘The Voice of Jesus’, My Voice that will sound everywhere. When you are done building the chapel many people will come and many will convert, learn to love each other, do good to each other and remember that I am a Jesus of Love.” Here Jesus gave her the day on which the chapel would be done and also told her what would happen that day and all the days to come.

“First I wish that the priest from Colombia give his blessing and celebrate a mass on the opening day. I will be happy with all the gifts that I have offered to you and also to all of My children that will come. My Child I ask you organize prayers every saturday at 8.30pm. When you need to pray and visit homes for prayer do this on a Friday.

I also ask if people can’t make it to the apparition, to pray at the same time and they will all receive a blessing, because I’m a Jesus of Love who understands that you couldn’t make it to come. Many of you need help every day. Because all types of people will come to you. But don’t forget that they are all My Children. And to all I offer different gifts, because I am alive. Although if people come with bad thoughts, they will not cause you harm, because you are protected by My blood. I cover you with My blood.”

Here, at the little chapel, mass was celebrated twice with the late Bishop Willem M. Ellis together with Fr. Rafi and a lot of people. All people felt very happy and good at that time, as they received the blessing of the Bishop at this special place and on two occasions. In the past many people came into my room and there was no room to put more people outside, but that’s the way Jesus likes, more of His children together for Him. People came from different prayer groups and they all spoke together. This is what Jesus likes. Help each other without envy.

At Modanza many people came out of curiosity. It didn’t matter… It mattered that you came; because you didn’t come for me, as your humble Visionary, but you came for Jesus and His Mother. Because everything that comes from God will never end. Because when you came, you didn’t want to leave and you will always accept it. I, as your Visionary, know that I will go through rough times, but with rough times I will comply with everything that was requested from me by Jesus and Mary.

Because of the large quantities of people during the apparitions at Modanza and the lack of space to accommodate more people, Jesus told me to look around Aruba for another place where I would have to build another chapel, and that He himself would you show that place to me. And so He did, that place was in Koyari.