Mission and Purpose

Our Mission

Our Mission is to bring all the messages of our Virgin of Grace of Aruba and those of Jesus our Friend and Savior to the World, as They have both requested to spread Their Word and Their Devotion across this Earth. This in the hope of bringing faith, good hope and salvation to all who believe in Their Holy Presence and Existence and that NOW is the time to turn to the Catholic religion. Their message is for all people of all nations, of all races, of all religions, of all ages and social backgrounds – for ALL who wish to serve and to be saved.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to reach more and more people each and every day for His Glory – to bring people closer to the Lord as our Virgin pleads to all Her Children on this world: “Come nearer to My Son Jesus”. This purpose is a serious purpose and it is strengthened by the messages our Visionary receives from our Lord every three months and of His Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba on a monthly basis, 3 times.

Since 1998 our Visionary has been receiving messages at Modanza (Aruba) from the Blessed Virgin and Jesus Christ, but after 1 year of silence in November 1999, our Bishop, Mgr. Willem Michel Ellis (1926 – 2003), has given approval of the publication of the given messages. Mgr. Ellis has celebrated mass at Modanza in 2 consecutive years.

Nowadays there are thousands of people who have already visited the apparition site, who have attended one of the apparitions and rosaries and who have found peace and miracles at Koyari – a terrain chosen by Jesus Christ for Him and His Mother. Many bear witness of the presence, peace, hope and beauty of a life of true faith and devotion.