About Us

The Voice of Jesus Foundation Aruba

In order to comply with Jesus’ request for a new location for the apparitions which would be much larger than the small chapel at Modanza, it was required to setup a Foundation in order to have everything done accordingly. The Voice of Jesus Foundation has been registered in the Foundation Register of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aruba since November 29, 2000 under serial number S529.

Since 2000 The Voice of Jesus Foundation has been giving all efforts possible to comply with the requests of Jesus and the Virgin Mary. A prayer site was built with the hands, efforts, love and with dedication of the faithful; also, with important miracles from above, in order to comply with the requests of a place of prayer and spiritual growth.


Fundraising Activities

As the prayer site at Koyari grew throughout the years it became a beautiful place for all the faithful, locals and tourists visitors. Jesus always tells the Visionary that this premise of His is an extension of his Glory… and because of this it is necessary to keep beautiful, clean, and organized. For this reason it has become more and more important to not only built, but also maintain to the extent of the requests of Jesus and Mary.

Our premises at Koyari are constantly being updated, upgraded and maintained (Aruba has sunny weather almost the whole year through and our premises are about 5min far (by car) from the sea) and it is our foundation that is responsible and has the task to provide the necessary finance for these projects; finance to enable purchases of materials, rentals and labor payments. As a non-profit organization, the only way was and is to organize yearly fundraising activities. Throughout the years The Voice of Jesus Foundation has had the help of its faithful members to assist in its yearly fundraising activities:

  • The Voice of Jesus Foundation organizes yearly 2 to 3 large raffles, where all the members of our prayer group provide their humble assistance with the selling of the raffle tickets. These raffles are not organized by The Voice of Jesus Foundation, but they are rather provided by third parties and provide us the commissions.
  • The Voice of Jesus Foundation also sells food baskets 2 to 3 times a year.

All funds that are raised in these activities are used for the maintenance of the premises at Koyari and Modanza, payment of Government taxes and for implementation of new projects at the terrain of Koyari.

During the apparition night of the Virgin Mary, 2 of our members pass by the faithful for alms. All alms are put together and used for the purchasing of paper, toner, office supplies, cleaning supplies, etc.

The Voice of Jesus is thankful to all who cooperate with the purchase of raffle tickets and those who cooperate in any other way. May your generosity be returned in abundance for you, your company and your family.


Works of Love

As Jesus and the Virgin Mary request us always to help our brothers and sisters in need, The Voice of Jesus Foundation has been assisting many families in need throughout the years in the following manners:

  • Create baskets of food for families in need through daily offerings during Novena’s, such as the Divine Mercy Novena and the Nativity Novena.
  • Collect clothing to offer to families in need and also to Churches to provide to families in need.
  • The Voice of Jesus Foundation was registered at the Fundacion pa nos Comunidad (Foundation for our Community) as guide for a group of people in need to receive monthly food baskets.
  • The Voice of Jesus Foundation has received school supplies from the Kiwanis Club of Aruba to provide to school children in need.
  • The Voice of Jesus Foundation has provided in specific requests school uniforms for children.
  • The Voice of Jesus Foundation has given out bread to families in need.
  • Warm food baskets are delivered to families in need during our fundraising activities, which are donated by our members.


Spiritual Promotion

  • The Voice of Jesus has yearly 22 Activities, 1 monthly and 3 weekly for the promotion of faith, according to the requests of Jesus and Mary.
  • The Voice of Jesus gives out free religious materials during every Devotional Activity as a guide and tool for the encouragement of the devotions.
  • The Voice of Jesus provides Novenas, Triduum, Prayer evenings, Bible lessons, Rosary of Light, the Way of the Cross in Lent, Healing sessions (when appointed by the Virgin Mary or Jesus) and vigils.
  • The Voice of Jesus provides video nights, showing videos of Saints and Angels, Jesus and Mary for promotion of faith and love.
  • The Voice of Jesus has organized Sunday school for children, to teach them on faith with activities and readings.
  • The Voice of Jesus has organized Teen Sessions to teach them on faith and guide them in their spiritual growth.
  • The Voice of Jesus has been publishing all messages of the Virgin of Grace of Aruba and Jesus our Friend and Savior in the Chapel and online at thevoiceofjesus.org (since 2000), which are a strong impeccable basis for our own lives, for families, for spiritual growth and guidance.
  • The Voice of Jesus presents important audio / visual subjects (by the Visionary) of everyday life in its Saturday prayer sessions.
  • The Voice of Jesus promotes praying of the Holy Rosary (as requested by the Virgin Mary) by praying a Holy Rosary before each devotional activity, by giving out rosaries for free with an instruction leaflet on how to pray the rosary (requested by the Virgin Mary) at apparition nights. The Voice of Jesus has also provided rosaries with instruction leaflets to schools for their Holy Communion activities. The Holy Rosary is also prayed during each Saturday prayer session (introduced in 1999 by the Virgin Mary), also during Novena’s, Triduums, etc.

The Voice of Jesus is working on other projects for the promotion of faith and spirituality.