Heaven and earth are very different. Heaven has many levels; there are a total of 25. Each one of us has to know for ourselves how much we have given to Jesus on earth, how much we have worked for Him. If it wasn’t much, you will be asked “Where were you?”


It is very important for people to confess their sins. Jesus takes your confession so you can be free from your sins, which gives Him happiness. We sin every day, though we confess today and tomorrow we go and sin again.

The Church

There are a lot of us that do not understand the concept of the Church. When you go to church, you are entering His Celestial House, where He allows us to have Him living in our hearts. Let Him change your heart, make your heart soft and humble so you can respect and...


You should think very well before committing to marriage, because marriage is sacred act performed in His Celestial House, the Church.

Helping each other

Don’t be afraid. Wherever you go, turn towards a person and tell him or her about what your feelings are, what your heart says. And by doing so, you have helped him or her. How else can you help? You can help each other with prayers. Prayers are the best solution in...

Why messages from Jesus

Because of our increasing freedom without His guidance and care, we fall into temptation and unwanted things happen, such as death, suffering, pain, natural disasters… The world is filled with evil. “Enough!”, says Jesus. It’s enough and this is the reason He is...

What Jesus wants from us and how He sees us

Jesus wants us to take some time for Him. We need to realize that we should start giving more of ourselves to Him. He wants us to go to His celestial house, the Church, to confess our sins; We need to cleanse ourselves to become pure. We often have bad seeds in our...

Proof of Jesus’ Legacy

When Jesus went through immense suffering for us, He did it with so much love for us, that he died for us at the Cross. He left us His ultimate proof of all through all these centuries, the Cross. Wherever you go on this world you will always see a Cross.

Recognition of Existence

Mother Mary speaks of those who recognize the suffering of Her Son Jesus. No other can go through such great suffering, because it was a crime: Jesus was nailed to the Cross, cut and beaten. Battered He carried the heavy cross for us, for the entire world. This is the...
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