Virgin Mary

Virgin Mary

Never forget to pray the Rosary, come to the apparition with a veil, dress in white (she’s come from heaven where all is white), white handkerchief to wave to her. She wants to see white here, not darkness – She’s trying to clean our souls so we can enter heaven. All...


I can be sick, with a high fever, I’ve had bronchitis … I’ve always come to the apparition anyway – because the love for the Virgin Mary is much important than the illness that I might be experiencing. On the day of the visit of the Virgin Mary I make all efforts...

Coming to the Apparition

The Virgin Mary says don’t come because you were forced to come, but come because you want to have love for the Virgin Mary and Jesus, and because Koyari is a holy ground. Don’t come because you want to come today and tomorrow you don’t want to come. That’s how people...

People / Collaborators

There are different persons for prayers every Saturdays, different persons for praying the mysteries during the apparitions. The same two persons read the messages of the Virgin Mary and Jesus as they were chosen to do this.


Everything in heaven is white, there are flowers, rivers and rocks and stones in heaven. These can be seen in the levels 20 and up. The rocks are very heavy and cannot be moved not even with 100 men. It’s a different kind of rock, a different kind of weight.

The Virgin of Grace of Aruba

The Virgin Mary’s clothing is also completely white is heaven, only when She descents on the earth for Her apparitions is that the color changes, because She enters a place of sin.

Jesus our Friend and Savior

Jesus brought His Name to Aruba. He brought the name of His Infancy to Aruba, the name of His Mother to Aruba, of the name of this Chapel and that of Modanza, His choice for Koyari. All has been requested by Him. That is His Name. He is the One. If you reject His...

On the 3 days of darkness

I’m prepared for the 3 days of darkness. The darkness makes you blind, and it will be sudden. You will despair; Your faith will have to calm you. The bell that Jesus asked us to prepare for this time will have to be used: everyone will ring the bell in the darkness;...

On death

When you pass away, and you go to heaven, your life is completely different – it’s praying, singing etc – Here our thoughts are possessed by worldly stress and debts, but up there everything is different.

Help one another

We should never close our doors to others and shouldn’t live alone. We should live with others, have others around us. Because when something happens, we would need to have someone with us. If we live with others, we’re good to them and help them, we always receive...
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