I can be sick, with a high fever, I’ve had bronchitis … I’ve always come to the apparition anyway – because the love for the Virgin Mary is much important than the illness that I might be experiencing. On the day of the visit of the Virgin Mary I make all efforts necessary to be where She wants me to be. I would like for people to do the same efforts. If I can you all can.

I have dresses and veils which I exclusively uses for the apparition.

I need to bathe with blessed water and pray 3 Rosaries before I come to the apparition. I am not allowed to get out / drive, I can eventually handle cooking, but I should be completely dedicated to the Virgin Mary on this day (25th) because the Virgin Mary needs me.
I visit the Holy Sacrament and go to church frequently, also the Saturday prayers or novenas and triduum’s at Koyari.

From the day I’ve known Jesus, Mary, the saints and angels, they go first!

Things from God never end, they bloom.

I raise my daughters with prayers, with blessings, and knowing the value of going to church.

On the days prior to Jesus’ apparition I drink a vitamins after His apparition as I stay very weak.