Mary, September 25 2018

Mary, September 25 2018

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba September 25, 2018 9:16PM

Peace, peace and a lot of peace.

Love must be great, not a little. Your family needs to grow more in love, more in peace and more in understanding. There’s pain and more pain, and you can’t forget all the pain. Many times, you forgive, and you don’t forget. Your hearts are broken with pain and with a lot of problems. My children do you know that life is painful and hard? And that life is getting more difficult? The coming of My Son Jesus is near and the divine light is around you. Grace and love are upon you. You will progress in the spiritual life with Me.

Faith without deeds isn’t faith. Those who have faith do deeds every day, for example pray, help each other, help those who’ve fallen rise again, etc. Don’t throw anyone out, accept them, because through their visit, My Son is present.

Do you know that all of you are on a test? A very great test. Don’t get tired of talking. Mothers, fathers and children, talk more within your family. You lack to talk more. You have a lot of problems. Start fixing the problems, because they are large and painful to your heart. Do you feel that you are broken, with problems in your house and in your life? I love you and I would never want to say goodbye. I want to hold you and never let you go. I want to offer you My roses and offer you My entire heart. My heart will keep on feeling for you. Your hearts are very anxious, with a lot of pain and worries. Take a tranquil time for yourselves, because the more you run the shorter time will become. Take a moment of prayer and don’t get tired of prayer, of talking, of proclaiming that My Son Jesus is marvelous, good and miraculous. He will do miracles today, tomorrow and always.

My children protect your lives, your jobs, your homes and everything that you are struggling for. Show all who are around that you can and that you will succeed. There’s no one to break you, through My love, the peace that I send you and through the mercy of My Son Jesus. The precious rays will descend upon you and remain with you. Nothing will break My love for you.

Today is a day of blessings, protection and of infinite love. Feel that you are loved, called and taken care of. Today My children, I would like to tell you that you are not lost, because you are protected by Me and by the Archangels. All Angels and Saints will accompany you, protect your mind and your heart. My Son Jesus will remove from your path those who are evil and in your way of succeeding. Don’t leave your house in darkness but leave in the light. You must live a life of wisdom and spiritual growth. Open your heart and release all that depresses and bothers you.

Today you stood up for the firm path of truth and salvation, the path of forgiveness and rays of life. The flowers that you meet on the way are all Me, your Mother. I will offer you to My only Son Jesus. If your hearts are broken, talk to Me, ask Me, because I’m a chosen Mother. I’ve come to this world, to Aruba, through the tender message of Padre Pio of Pietrelcina. That is why the greatest strength that Aruba has received is what Padre Pio has sent you. Don’t fall, keep on going! Find the light, the love and Padre Pio who’s waiting for you. Grow spiritually, do good deeds with love and sincerity. Praise, pray and ask for your families to have peace, tranquility and love.

Today I embrace you tightly and I let you feel My love forever. I know the heart of each one of you who are present. I know that you have sadness and that you are burdened, but today I set you free and transform you. I take all your petitions to heaven and I offer them to Padre Pio. Keep on with his devotion, because Padre Pio is great in heaven and in all the world.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.