Mary, September 25 2017

Mary, September 25 2017

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba September 25, 2017 – 8:58PM

To all My beloved children,

Don’t remain with a broken heart. Today I have come to open your hearts. I see many of you very worried, don’t fight one another, there’s no time, rather unite one another. Hold the hand of the person next to you, hold both hands, and tell him / her that you are his / her brother / sister. Why fight? You live on a very small island. There should be unity. What I would like to ask is for you to pray more. See how many hard and painful things are happening in the world. The only thing that I would like to ask you is to love one another from the heart, love My Son Jesus, repent and start a new life. This is the moment to start a new life, a life that is transformed, a life filled joy, because there is no more time to fight one another, but to pray with each other, to talk to each other, to evangelize and to help those who have fallen to rise and start again. Don’t let anyone cause any pain to your heart, because that hurts My heart profoundly. My heart is for you and is your heart for Me? Answer Me.

Today, I would like to ask you from the heart to repent, repent and repent. Ask and you shall receive, but your requests need to be made like this: First prayer and then family, after that your job, your health, your company, for everyone who live around you and with you. Love like My Son Jesus loves you.

Hold the hands of the person who is next to you tightly and tell him/her that you are one truth, one love, one peace and one tranquility. Don’t fight one another, because there’s no more time. Today that you have repented, become sincere, honest towards all around you, be humble, comply and doors will open; Heaven’s doors will open. Don’t forget those who have gone to Purgatory, who are suffering and who also want to enter Heaven. The word that I would like for you to say with your mouth and that comes from within your hearts, is the truth and pure truth: Sing for Me, pray, cry on your knees, that is the solution that I want to ask each and every one of you today. Today I will keep opening the hearts of those who have a closed heart: Open up, for Me and for My son Jesus to come live in it.

Do you have pain, do you have sadness and are you ill? Today I want to alleviate you with My infinite love. My mantle of light of love will brush the top of your head to your shoulders, to the tips of your fingers, inside and outside your souls, so that your souls can remain pure and clean to truly continue and to work firmly with a great love.

Don’t let anyone break your peace, nor break the love that you have for Me and for My Son Jesus. Feel that you are loved, appreciated, filled with peace and love. Today I’m closer to you that ever. Ask the 3 wishes that you have brought today to offer to Me. Ask Me now: close your eyes, lower your heads, breathe and feel the presence of My love for you for eternity.

Thank you for coming to Me. I’m happy to see you. Are you happy that I come to you? I’m hastened about this day, because I see that you are very broken and separated from one another. Don’t remain like this. Ask the 3 wishes now. Are you still said, open up! This is the moment. Are you worried about a person that sick? Who is your brother / sister? He / she is chosen. You have come with pain tonight, you are heavy and also troubled? Today I would like to tell you that your requests are big, very big, but I will comply with your wishes. When you come to the next apparition you will tell Me “Mother Mary, thank you! Thank you from the heart to comply with the 3 wishes that carry in my heart and on my shoulders.” Don’t forget to ask for theses 3 wishes in a complete manner.

Receive the Holy Spirit that will blow, who will carry you, who will lift you up for a victorious life: a life that filled with love, filled with grace and a lot splendor. Through My grace, My blessing and My Fortitude offered to you today completely no one can break you.

Thank you and many thanks for coming to Me.

I say goodbye offering you a ray that is heavy with roses, with light and filled with love. Never forget: the greatest gift that I have given you is My Only Son Jesus Christ.

Do the Sign of Cross, but with true love: In the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The grace will stay recorded in your hearts forever. Nothing and nothing will happen to you, because you, My Children, have received My protection; wherever you go, you will be protected. Those who see you will find you are different, with a splendorous light. Take the opportunity to embrace the one who comes to you, wherever you go, go without fear, without doubts and carry the infinite love that I have for you.

Embrace the person next to you and say: “Forgive me, I love you, I am repentant and I will start a new life, for the Glory of the Holy Spirit.”