Mary, September 13 2020

Mary, September 13 2020

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA, Aruba September 13, 2020 3:40AM

Mother Mary appeared in a very brilliant light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of the Visionary, Valerie, in the 2nd Glorious Mystery, in the 3rd Hail Mary and apparition took 10min.


Receive a blessing that comes from all My heart.

Now the moment of truth is arriving. Did you notice My children that a lot of people are afraid of each other? They don’t even want to get close to the ones that they love the most. Never be afraid of one another. It is when you’re afraid that your chances of infection will be heightened. Remember, once more I say, that this virus doesn’t come from My Son Jesus, but from evil. There will be a battle between good and evil, to see who stays and who will go. I explain what’s going to happen every time so you can be warned on time.

My children, everything is going wrong. Life isn’t what is before anymore, it isn’t normal, and many people don’t know what to do. You need to pray a lot in order not to fall into depression as you aren’t living anymore like before. You are going to enter moments of fright and panic.

Did you notice that there are already so many changes in your life? What is happening in the world is an immense pain and you all feel it profoundly. Don’t lose hope. Start planting your fruits and vegetables so you can harvest. Don’t be afraid, do everything that is good in the eyes of My Son Jesus. You must dig a hole in the ground to get to water for planting and for drinking. Learn how to make natural remedies without fear. Also, use different plants that heal. Profoundly pray that My Son Jesus can help heal an ill person, but you also need to be filled with faith as should also the person for whom your praying. Keep on praying; That’s when prayer is perfect and the sick person is healed, he’ll rise and proclaim how great My son Jesus is.

2020 is not the end, but the start of the tribulation. Let the candle, that is your heart and soul, always stay lit. Now I’m going to see who is loyal to prayer, to the apparition, to go to Church and help the sick, the poor, those who live in pain within their families and also those who are being pursued by bad spirits. Be yourselves, become mature men and women and triumphant in faith. Those who fall into temptation of sin need to rise and keep on going forward, because you are all in a test of love. Always let the Holy Spirit work in you.

Thank you for listening to My message. I will keep giving you more messages.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.