Mary, October 25 2017

Mary, October 25 2017

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba October 25, 2017 9:00PM

To all My beloved children,

Welcome to all My children that I love from all My heart.

Raise your hands and feel that you are loved. Feel that you are protected and taken care of. Don’t think that you are alone. Today My gaze is more profound on you, especially on those who have depression, those with a broken heart, those who have come heavy with burden, those whose bodies ache and who are in pain. Today I have come to show you My love, My tranquility in your souls and in your lives. Your open arms mean ‘Persevere for love, for victory.’ Don’t fall! Keep on going! Keep on going forward. You will triumph in all that you want to strive for.

I, your Mother, pray every day for you, because I know that a lot of you fall, deviate, forget and treat each other badly. Why do you treat each other badly? Why break and reject one another while you have to come closer, love and take care of each other when you are alive and not after you repent and say “Why do I treat my fellow brothers and sisters badly?”

Today I want you to lower heads, humble yourselves, exclaim to the nature of the truth of life. You are all sinners, but today you have a new life. You are going to receive My blessing in abundance, with the victory, with My grace, with a lot of love and splendor will descend upon you all. Don’t lose hope. Trust in My Son Jesus Who has come to forgive you, to save and to remove you from the wrong path.

You will feel who are those who are not good in your path. I will send the Holy Spirit to lighten you, so you can feel who is good and who is not. Also work and pray for the salvation of those who are bad. I know that it’s not easy, but do it in My name and in the name of My Son Jesus, in the name of the Saints and Angels. Paths will open and keep on opening. The Holy Spirit will blow upon you with His love and His goodness.

I know that today you all have a lot of petitions. Can tell Me those requests? Who is crying? Who is sad? Why is your heart heavy with so much burden? Do you want to offer them to Me? Don’t stay with them, because you will become ill. Sadness will break your heart and be in the way of your continuance of going forward. Whatever happens, you will open your hearts and you will offer Me all those who hinder your way.

Today I want to say to you, My children, that you are loved. I’m happy to come once again to you. I’m happy to see you. Are you also happy that I am with you? Answer Me from the heart. Even though your hearts today are broken and pretty much destroyed because of others who have broken you, today I want to fill your hearts with the flame of love and with the pure blessing from Heaven to earth.

Appreciate the nature of the world. Feel its value and know the importance of each life in this world. Better live well, then to remain without living well. Better walk well, that to remain without walking well.

Do you know, My children, that My Son Jesus is Almighty and that He’s has come to free, transform, bless and offer you miracles every day for your lives? How many of you have thanked for each new day? Answer Me. Do you know that every day is a gift from Heaven for you? Life isn’t easy, but live in tranquility so you won’t become ill. If you have certain problems, offer them to Me. Don’t let anyone break you to keep you from coming to Me at My apparition. Don’t let anyone break you to keep you from coming to prayers. Don’t keep without praying at home and within your family. There are a lot of times that you stay behind in faith because of problems. Today I want to offer you directly, personally, a ray and a rose in each heart.

My children, do you have feelings? Do you feel that you want to achieve progress in life? That is why I’m here for you. Live well with each other, in peace, with a lot of love and keep on persevering. You can!

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.