Mary, May 25 2020

Mary, May 25 2020


Receive a great blessing for your soul and for your heart.

First, I’m happy to see all of you. I’ve come to you and I see you waving with beautiful flowers to greet Me. You are all as beautiful as the flower; Thank for the flowers. Thank you for your presence by Me and My Angels from the throne, Angels big and small who’ve come with Me today from heaven.

Let Me offer each of you My message. Today I’m happy. Why? Because I see you. You are close to Me and I’m close to you. Never move away from the truth.

The truth is that many times life itself shows you how hard it is. Life is daily on a test, but love cannot end for My Jesus and for Me. All the Saints and Angels are thanking you for praying. Do you, My children, that prayer is what is the most important thing that you need to do every day? Fall on your knees, sing, cry out, ask for all those who are burdened with pain, sadness and much more. If you, My children, know older people, help them, because they can’t manage on their own. If you see a sick person drawing near, don’t keep watching him, but help him.

You are all on daily test. You remain like a dove that flies with open wings. This means that you are all receiving the Holy Spirit of God which will remain among your lives forever. Even if you have pain, sadness in your mind and in your heart, and you feel that others are in your way of going forward in faith, love, tranquility, in peace and harmony, you have to break the chain, remove the barrier and go forward. Show Me that you will get rid of you fear and show Me that now you will become brave children. Lit up lights, that’s what Jesus likes. Lights that are off bring darkness, sadness and pain. Thank you for lighting up the light. My Son is the Light of the World whom you have to follow. Don’t walk onto any other paths, but walk behind the Light, because My Son Jesus marvelous, kind and merciful. Trust. Repeat after Me “Even though I’m going through hardship, even though life is hard, I trust, I keep on trusting and keep on trusting. I say, if God is for me, no one can be against me.”

My children, help one another. Help those who fall to rise up. Rise up you too, keep on going and say together with Me “I trust and I keep on trusting. I keep on trusting in Jesus’ mercy.” You who are all burdened, who are scared and who have been shut at home all this time. Do you know that this makes you sick? That worries Me, because I want to see you happy with a smile and firmly ready to keep on going forward. Thank you My children for having prayed the Holy Rosary at your home and that you’ve opened the Holy Bible where His Word is which is the truth, and that you’ve lit up a candles. Your lives are slowly growing spiritually. Don’t be afraid of anything. Triumph! Keep triumphing, keep showing it and don’t let anyone break you from the great love that I have for you.

Today, the day that I’m happy to see that you’ve remembered that it’s the 25th. Trust and ask. Pray with Me, lower you heads, put your hands together and ask together with Me. “I hurt, I’m sad, I’m worried, but today I want to offer my life to God. Nothing more that God, the God that cures, that liberated, that transforms, that heals, that forgives and truly forgives. I want freedom, I want to live in peace in my house, with my family with my loved ones. I want to pray, I want to keep on praying and I won’t get tired of praying. I promise in front of everyone present that from today on I will pray more and I will ask more.”

Don’t let there be any setbacks in your life, because those setbacks come from evil. Let everything that you are used to do aside for a moment and take My Son Jesus seriously. Kneel. Those are not able to can sit at the edge of their bed and concentrate on everything My Son Jesus has been through in His past, what He’s been through in His life, all of His miracles and that even so He’s been crucified for all of you.

Now, do promise that you are going to start a new life? Truly Repent? Will you open your heart? Don’t let it remain close. Don’t remain with the bad influences around you, move them far away from you. Get rid of all bad thoughts, all bad wishes that come into your heart, bad spirits that come into your room, bad things that have been put in your way. Today is the day the Light will enter, that love will enter, you will be healed, liberated and transformed with the infinite love of the Holy Spirit. You5 life needs to continue like a treasure. Open your arms and say “Today is the moment on which I want to start a life of faith, prayer, freedom and fortitude.“

My children, is any of you present here ill? Do you have any known people who might be ill or know people who might be ill? Concentrate with Me to slowly remove these illnesses. All illnesses that you have will slowly go away because of your faith, by having a fervent and unique faith. My children, open your arms wide and say “I want to be healed by means of the unique miracle of Jesus.” Trust, praise, shout to His Name, because He is here, He is walking among you, He’s looking at you, He’s walking and blowing on you, He is walking and entering your heart and your soul. Close your eyes and feel His presence. Go into prayer, meditate, and concentrate. Praise, because He is great and marvelous. He is among you. Feel free, feel His breath, His love, His warmth, His presence. He is among you; He is with you. He is not far from you. He is with you and I’m with you. Angels are coming down to help you, to give you fortitude, peace, strength to go forward. Those of you who hurt, cry. Do you have a family member who makes you sad, ask for them. All of that is the work of the Miracle. Crying is a miracle, because you cry with sincerity, with honesty and from the heart. Live with faith, with love, with kindness and succeed. Stamp with your feet and say, “Today is a new day, renovate and transform.”

Saint Michael wants you to stamp with your feet, walk and battle against satan, because it is attacking the world with the virus. We will end it, we’ll end evil forever and also the virus, so they may go into hell; we don’t want it anymore. I want to see you happy, not scared and without disgust, without fear from one another, without discriminating each other.

My children, now it’s the moment. You all who are consecrated and who have the seal, trust and confess with Me: “Lord Jesus, I trust in You”, 7 times with open arms, with your flowers in your hands. Say “Lord Jesus, I trust in You, Lord Jesus I trust You. Lord Jesus I know that you are present. I trust in You.”  Close your eyes and let your body feel light, don’t think about anything. Don’t think about the one next to you, think about yourself. I need your help. I want you to be yourselves. I don’t want anything to be in your way. All those who are watching, stand up in your homes without fear and without pain.

Stand up with fervor, firmness, filled with attention and answer with Me “I trust and I will keep on trusting! I will shout of trust and I trust!” World, listen to this “We trust and we keep on trust in Mercy.” I want to ask you, My children, do you trust and believe that My Son Jesus is Almighty, Wonderful, that He heals and that He shows miracles? Raise your hand and say “I trust and I keep on trusting, no matter how hard life is, I will keep on trusting.” Don’t get tired of trusting. He’s blowing you with His Holy Spirit.

Don’t forget that My Son Jesus appeared this morning at 2.30am and do you know this surprise? He’s remained at Koyari to wait until I have come for My visit. He is here! I want to show you the surprise. His apparition continues with My apparition, He is the truth and the reality. The surprise I have for you is that My Son Jesus has kept on waiting in the garden of Koyari until each of you arrived. He has a smile on His face and He’s happy to say “Keep on coming to My preferred place, My Paradise, My place of refuge.” My Son Jesus, I love You, because you waited on Me in the garden that means life, fortitude, and peace. Each plant is life. Each growth is wisdom. You are all going to receive spiritual wisdom. The Visionary didn’t know this, that My Son Jesus had this surprise. When He appeared to her at her house, He decided to walk around Aruba and to get to know each place. Now He’s in the garden and He’s going closer to you, He is watching you, to see if you truly love Him. Tell Him aloud! Breath blows, life blows, love blows. Jesus is here, He is present. Give Him an applause. He is My Son, among the Angels He is waiting. He is waving at you. Give Him a great applause for His greatness!

I thank you for your presence.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Graceo of Aruba who loves you forever.



Separate Message of the Virgin Mary:

Jesus wants you breathe deeply, for once His message is read, He can see how His message is being listened to.

Jesus has come during the apparition of the Virgin Mary as a surprise. He is happy that Koyari has reopened.

Jesus: “An applause for your gaze, your admiration and for your faith. Thank you for trusting in Me. I love you a lot. I am Almighty, I’m a God of Miracles.”

Jesus asked to sing “He is God”, “I am King”

Jesus asked for everyone to confess to Him.