Mary, May 25 2019

Mary, May 25 2019


My children receive a blessing that comes from all My heart.

Peace, love and tranquility in your soul and your life. Today is a day so great on which I’ve come to see your hearts, your feelings and your pains. Every day I notice that you think: “What’s going to happen with my life?” Many times, your life has pain, sadness and great worries. Now I would like to ask you, “Are you happy with My visit?”, because I am happy for coming to see you all. My heart is happy and joyful to help you. I am your Mother, I’m always by your side. I don’t want to abandon you, because you are My children. You are chosen ones to work for the infinite love of My Son Jesus Christ. He’s died for love for you all. Love Him. If you have sadness ask Him and He will come right away to help you, to save and forgive you.

You all want a new life? Ask yourselves and feel it in your hearts that today you all, My beloved children, will become a new child, a privileged child, filled with love and filled with miracles. Put your hands on your hearts and lower your heads. What would you like to ask My help for? Do you cry, are lonely, are you depressed? Do you feel that someone is trying to hurt you? Does your past hurt you? I know that all that you will offer Me tonight will be your burdens of pain. Today you all have received the opportunity to start a new life.

Before you leave your home and before you go to work pray a Holy Rosary. Pray a Holy Rosary whenever you can. Do you know how good and marvelous My Son Jesus is? But there is a lot in your way of coming to Me, to My Son Jesus, to all the Saints and Angels. Today I want to break the chains that are in your way of succeeding.

Protect yourselves with the precious and infinite rays from head to toe, inside and out. Do you My children, that My Son Jesus’ Precious Blood liberates, transforms and heals you completely? Do you have trust in My Son Jesus’ Blood, in His Power and that He can help you? Say yes, that truly My Jesus is Kind, Infinite Love whom you should follow and trust. Keep on trusting, the love cannot end! The love has to keep increasing in your life.

Think about your families. Who in your family has deviated into sin? Bring them back, because they need help. He can’t help that he took the wrong paths. You who are a spiritual child can save him, you can help him and bring him back in the infinite love that I have kept for you. Today you can all say with loud voices, “I have Victory, I have love, hope and joy!” Dry those tears, put a smile on your face and bring joy. Today may the precious rays protect you completely so that everyone can see the brilliant light, the spiritual wisdom in your life. Offer your pains to Me so that I can offer them to My only Son Jesus for your salvation and your life.

May hope and peace reign completely in your life. Let the Holy Spirit blow upon you and fill you with joy, with grace and splendor forever. May hope and joy remain recorded in your hearts. Your life is saved, blessed and forgiven for this great miracle of tonight.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves forever.