Mary, May 13 2020

Mary, May 13 2020


Mother Mary appeared with a smile on Her face in a brilliant light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of Visionary Valerie, in the first Glorious Mystery, in the 9th Hail Mary and the apparition took 10min.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

I think about you every day, My children. How are you living with each other? Well or badly? Before it was better and now the situation has worsened, because every day I listen to your screams, calling Me. I and My Son Jesus are listening to your prayers and My Son Jesus is ready to help you in good times and in bad times.

I know that most of you have a lot of forgiveness to ask, because you don’t want to live with the sins and torment and depress you. I know all that is happening in your minds and in your hearts. When something goes bad you blame Me and My Son Jesus, and that is a very great sin. You sometimes say, “I pray a lot, why do these things happen to me?”. My children, you must do something that I am going to ask you, which comes from all My heart. I know that life is hard and difficult, but nothing is impossible for you to succeed in life. Don’t say it’s a failure but say yes that you will succeed. Be men and women of Faith. I ask you a great favor: Put on a scapular and give those who don’t have one a scapular and a Rosary. Also teach others how to pray the Holy Rosary. Don’t get tired to keep helping others who need food, because especially the small children who can’t endure hunger.

Did you notice that there a great silence in the world? That is why you should pray more, My children. Even though people don’t like you, you have to pray for that person and put everything in the hands of My Son Jesus, because life is already very difficult. Don’t take any wrong steps. Thank you for the letters, flowers, and the candles. I leave you, but always remember that I’m here with My open arms to help you, My children.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves you forever.