Mary, March 25 2020

Mary, March 25 2020

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba March 25, 2020 6:53PM

Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart that is full of pain.

Peace, peace and more peace.

There is a lot silence in this world. Now many of you have understood that the calls of My Son Jesus were very serious. Others didn’t take Him seriously. World, world, world, see what’s happening. How many deaths are there? How much pain is there? How many quarrels were there in the past? How many of you insult and mistreat each other? It’s hurting and damaging, it’s living to live, it’s using weapons that don’t need to be used and what you must have done in Christian life which you haven’t done. Pray, ask, fast and do sacrifices for your life.

Now I’ve noticed that mothers and fathers, children and grandchildren have started to unite. Something that wasn’t happening before is happening now. Did something have to happen for you to unite? Your life is still on a test. Are you ready to prepare your barrels with water and enough food? Those who don’t have need to look for help in order to be able to receive food. I’ve told you all these for a long time already, but you didn’t want to listen to the messages, which were told before. Fill your house with food, but a lot of barrels of water, prepare your Christian life, open your Bible and read the Words, because My Son Jesus felt abandoned and rejected for a long time.

Now I’ve noticed that others who were not accustomed to prayer have started praying and they ask others who have experience to help them pray, that is something good. Those who are already accustomed with prayer know what’s coming. Those who have faith, keep on going! Those who don’t pray and don’t have faith will fall ill, will have pain, anguish and loneliness can kill them. Those who say they love My Son Jesus, what would you do for Him? Would you give your part? Have you seen how many deaths there are? There’s not time remain sitting with arms crossed. Work and treat so you can go forward in faith. Don’t stay behind. If you fall, stand up and keep going. If are depressed, pray and ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

Now I ask all of you who are listening to this message say, “I want to be bathed with the Blood of Jesus, because the Blood of Jesus will heal me.” My Son Jesus sent His precious Blood for you to receive it and be covered with it. The Blood will leak on you, it will leak on your wounds, on all your pain, anguish, tears and all your illnesses. My Son Jesus will cleanse, purify, liberate and transform you to give you strength for all that you are going through. The world is receiving its purification, because materialism in the world has developed too quickly and people don’t have time for My Son Jesus.

Something that I would like to say is that, since there are a lot of deaths, the world has lost a lot of My children. You who have remained, are you ready to tell Me that you are ready to pray and offer Me truly your heart? Answer Me truly. Are you ready to offer Me your burden and all that you keep in your heart? Offer them to Me, now is the moment. Offer Me all your burdens, all your pains. Don’t wait, don’t hid, because everything that’s hidden will come out in the light. I have spoken, My Son Jesus has spoken, My Saints and My Angels have spoken to guide your family and your life. You’re sad, I am too. You cry, I cry too. You hurt, I hurt too.

Do you know that this illness has come because of satan? Satan want to have take power and that will not happen, because I’m here are your Mother of the World, of Grace, filled with splendor and joy. I will not permit more damage to be made by satan. Satan is finishing you day by day. Take your Rosaries and don’t put it aside but pray it. Kneel and ask for forgiveness for all those you have offended, so you can be free of sin.

My children take care of your body and your life. Your life is a test, your left is a treasure, that’s why today My Son Jesus wants to send a message to the world. Receive a blessing, graces, love and splendor. Don’t abandon Him but proclaim that My Son Jesus is real and alive in your heart and your soul. Open your heart and receive the blessing and the grace for you to receive the strength to keep on going. Don’t let anything separate you from Me and from My Son Jesus. He wants you to proclaim His Word.

Do you know that earthquakes can come suddenly? Do you know that war can come suddenly, and illnesses can come out suddenly? The only way to stop all these are your prayers and humility. You must be ready to change the way you think and the way you behave with each other. Don’t live only of materialism. Don’t forget about the poor, but you must share with others. I know that it’s hard. I want to you to ask you to do good deeds for those who ask for help. If you have some of what they need, help them. If you don’t have, I will understand. All those who are rich have grown accustomed to their riches, but they won’t be able to endure the pressure that one day they will become poor.

This is the moment that you are receiving the first signal that there are no more places to bury the dead in the world. I your Mother am worried of seeing all the dead people who have been incinerated, that hurts My heart a lot. I need your prayers and your support. Pray with Me, “My life is in danger, My life is offered to Jesus. My life is a test, but my life from today on will be offered with sincerity and honesty.” Happiness will return to the world. Are you ready to accept to change your lives, to repent, to pray more and confess all your errors and sins of the past? There’s still time. Never say that there’s no time.

Receive the bath of Blood of Christ, My Son. Receive the Holy Spirit who blow on you and on the entire world. Today I’ve come to prepare you to open the path to start working and acting in the Christian life. Don’t remain with arms and feet crossed. I need you, My children. If you comply and if the entire world complies, this virus, which is an illness of satan, will depart from this world and go to hell. Can I count on you?

I’m a Mother who’s worried, I’m a Mother who cries for you. I cry of seeing that many people are not aware of that this illness is serious, but this illness can be removed with faith and prayer. Do you believe? Do you trust? Remember, I say to you, this is not an illness that My Son Jesus has sent. This is an illness made by satan to finish you, to laugh at you, make fun of you and finish your families.

Say, “St. Michael, we need your strength more than ever to help us!”

Open your Bibles at home, put Holy Water, put a blessed candle, pray in the unity of your family, but pray without fear. Proclaim that My Son Jesus is serious about this. World, I, your Mother, need your support. The same As I suffer, I need your support. You count with Me and I count with you. There’s no time to sleep anymore, now is the time to go forward in faith. That is why I want all My messages to published in the world so that all people can know what is happening in the world.

When you get home prepare your barrels of water. You need a lot of water, because you can’t live without water. You can live without electricity, but not without water. It’s hard to say. If you have kerosene fill a barrel, if you have gasoline fill a barrel, if you have more barrels to fill with gasoline fill them. If you need to buy food, purchase!

Buy a lot of rice, because with rice you can go through days. Buy a lot of flour so you can bake your own break, because there will times when you will not be able to leave your homes, but there are others who don’t want to listen and don’t want to hear the reality of life. Those who don’t know how to bake bread, ask someone who knows how to make bread. With bread and water, you can live. My children don’t fill your stomachs but do penitence and fast. If you listen and comply, this illness will move away from you, but it will take a little while. I ask you favors with insistence. I’ve asked you to plant fruits and vegetables so you can have food. Those who can’t need to look for help to get food.

All those who listen to Me can even go through wan, but they will all receive Eternal life. Those who listen to Me, who open their ears to listen to My words and who respect My Son Jesus, will have Victory. The situation is truly serious. The Victory will come, it’s on its way. Many of My children haven’t been pray the Holy Rosary for years, that is why satan has started to dominate and deviate humanity into damnation.

Put your hand on top of your hearts. My blessed children, I ask you, listen to Me. All those who have money at the bank, withdraw it and put it somewhere so you can have money to buy things. There can be a moment when you won’t be able to touch your money because banks will have problems. I ask you not to delay, this is My advice. Do these things until the situation becomes better. With the will of My Son Jesus, who has mercy with the entire world, you all have to ask “Mercy! Mercy!, we all need Mercy.”

Remain pending My children for more messages.

Your Mother, who loves you forever, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba.