Mary, March 25, 2012

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba | March 25, 2012 – 8:56PM

To all My Children, a very special blessing and with a lot of love for all of you.

In every home on this world you have to start praying in families for all that is coming. It’s true that life is not easy. That is why you should do a lot of sacrifice and you have to give more love to one another.

My Children, I ask you to draw nearer to My Son Jesus in prayer and during these moments you have to reflect on His passion and His suffering. Remember that each of one of you is in a test. My Children did you remember to pray the Holy Rosary, confess all your sins and also go to Mass and pray united with each other in prayer groups?

Come closer to the Word that gives life and the truth. I am going to protect you with my precious mantle so you will not go into damnation. That is why you should remain strong in prayer and don’t let anything remove you from the spiritual life.

I ask My Children from the heart, to pray each hour more than you can, be humble and give help to a loved one in the last days of the Holy Week. Love My Son Jesus more than you can, because He died for love for the love of you.

Thank you for My beautiful flowers, thank you for remembering to come to My apparition and thank for your time you dedicate to Me. Also thank you for all the letters and I will offer them to My Son Jesus. To all those who couldn’t have come and who have written their names, My Son Jesus will be pending to mark them with the seal of salvation which is very important.

Of your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.