Mary, March 20 2020

Mary, March 20 2020


Mother Mary appeared to Visionary Valerie in the 2nd Sorrowful Mystery, in the 2nd Hail Mary and the apparition took 12min.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of the soul and My heart.

My heart is in pain and I cry every day of seeing how the world is going. I want to ask something: My children, is it hard to see the reality of how the world is going? How many of you have started to pray who I have never seen praying before? Many of you are converting, many of you have started changing your lives and your thoughts. The world has gone in a stillness of total silence. Because the world is facing illnesses you have noticed a lot of suffering and pain. Many of you are going through hunger and screams, in loneliness and depression.

When I asked My visionary to prepare your life for what’s coming, you have mocked her, and you’ve made fun of her. Here it is, the reality and the truth. Life will become much harder and painful. All those of you who are mad at one another need to get closer to each other and ask for forgiveness. This isn’t easy to do, but with the strength of My Son Jesus everything is possible.

How many of Holy Rosaries do you pray a day, My children? Now you’ll have more time to pray more. Many of you who live to live have stood still and many of you haven’t thought that something like this could ever happen on earth. From now on you must do the Way of the Cross every day in your homes, love one another like My Son Jesus loves you and loves the world. My Son Jesus said “Father, forgive them for all the evil that is happening in the world.”

My children, have you prepared for what is coming, because it’s hard and strong. Those who are not spiritual will not withstand it. Blessed be those who know how to pray since childhood. Those who are drinking alcohol, doing drugs, in other vices and licentiousness will go through many hard moments. Remember that the light always needs to stay lit in your soul and in your home. Remember that nothing is impossible. My Son Jesus can do everything.

Make sure that your bodies are blessed every day and don’t be afraid of anything. Those who have faith will not be afraid of anything. Keep on pushing forward in faith and don’t look behind so you won’t stay behind in spirituality. Now more than ever you need to help one another in this very difficult time. Always live prepared for what’s coming.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves your forever.