Mary, March 18 2020

Mary, March 18 2020


Mother Mary appeared in a brilliant light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of Visionary Valerie, in the 2nd Glorious Mystery, in the 2nd Hail Mary and the apparition took 22min.


A blessing for all My children who live on this world.

My children, a lot of you did not read the messages that I and My Son Jesus have given you before all that is happening now. It’s hard, but it’s the reality. Now many of you are running and starting to pray. Never in the past there were so many people praying like there are now. I am very happy that the world has gone into prayer.

Life remains hard. What will many of those who don’t have anything prepared do to survive? There will be screams, pain, hunger, fear, scare, crying and sudden deaths of whom their day of death has not yet arrived. Many people are walking around with closed hearts, they don’t want to become humble and sincere to change for a better life. Even people are starting to enter your homes to steal food. This is because of desperation. Money will have no value; you will run out and it will go away from you. Many people in the world will be scare and afraid, because what is happening is very serious.

My children, did you prepare and do all the My Son Jesus has asked you previously? I know that it is hard, but with the will of My Son Jesus you can do everything. Nothing is impossible. Those who have faith will survive. Now the world is going into a silence of prayer to come closer to the love of My Son Jesus. Pray every day your Holy Rosary and pray the Chaplet of the Diving Mercy 13 times. Those who pray should never be afraid, because you have Me and My Son Jesus with you. Hold tight and don’t fall anymore in sin.

The world will face things that aren’t good which it has never expected to face. Only prayer can help you. Pray a lot within the family. Now union will be strength, because My Son Jesus will keep watching over you. There are lot of people who like the life of licentiousness and they never remember My Son Jesus. They never have time for His love. Many walk with their ears shut. They don’t want to listen to the truth nor to His Words of eternal life. It’s hard for them to convert now, because they are not starting to pray. Many of you will stay behind and you will have to start over.

The devil is laughing just like when My Son Jesus was facing him face to face, because what you are accustomed to do like taking care of each other, hugging each other and loving each other, isn’t possible, for now. There will be battle in the world and My Jesus will triumph.

Open your heart and live closer to one another. My children I want to tell you that the virus that is here now has come from evil to finish you. I would like to say something to you who live in the world now: When you do everything well everything looks good, but when the change in the worlds comes, people’s appearance will change. It’s hard what you will go through, but it must happen for your own good. Others don’t care about you nor for your family. They will do what suits them. Start from now on to help all those who come knocking at your door. There are people who will have something else in their minds, to steal and mistreat you because of desperation.

I would like to specially say to those who never had My Son Jesus in their hearts, the atheists, and also hose who live to live and hurt other: My heart beats hard and I’m hastened to speak to you.

Thank you for listening to My message. Listen to it with love and attention, because My Son Jesus is love.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves you and who will always remain watching over you.