Mary, March 18 2019

Mary, March 18 2019


Mother Mary appeared with 2 powerful Angels in a splendorous light at the “grotto” at the house of the Visionary Valerie, in the 2nd Joyous Mystery, in the 10th Hail Mary and the apparition took 20min.


A blessing from the bottom of My heart for all My children.

My heart beats hard of seeing how the world is going in a bad direction. My children, put your hand on your heart and see how hard your heart is beating. I’m very worried for all of you. Listen to Me please, it’s your Mother who’s speaking to you. Don’t close your heart, let your hearts remain open to feel what I have to talk to you about.

Don’t be afraid of anything, keep on going forward. Do a lot of good deeds. Pray more, ask more, come to the prayer sessions at Koyari, visit the Holy Sacrament, go to Mass more, don’t be afraid of telling the good news of My Son Jesus, you need to talk everywhere of Him. My children pray for those who don’t pray. Help those who have fallen stand up to continue, because temptation becomes greater than ever. Stay away from people who who carry the darkness and pray for their conversion, that is the only way. You need to do more abstinence and fasting, because that helps for the conversion of sinners. Especially for those with hard and closed hearts.

When something happens in the world it happens very quickly. The world goes through many heavy discriminations, one against the other. It hurts a lot when people play with each other’s feelings. Nothing goes easily anymore, everything is hard and heavy. Many of you don’t pray and don’t believe anymore. You hold hands with the wrong people and you receive negative influences of evil that hinders you of going forward. Many of you are tired, you don’t have time for family, you’re constantly busy and many of you are very materialistic.

My children, don’t let calamity knock on your door to run for help. Some of you are on time and have the possibility to convert. Change your life for a Christian life. Repent of your sins, because you all must give account before it’s too late.

There will be a spiritual war and the religions will go against each other. There will also be misunderstandings with each other and you will go against it each other with harsh words. Catholics will be strongly attacked by the anti-Christs. Kneel, pray your Holy Rosary, don’t lose faith and keep on doing. Remember that you are all on test every day.

My children I will keep guiding you with a lot of love. It’s never too late to convert. I say goodbye with a lot of love and thank all who listen to Me. I am appearing 4 times a month to alert you on what is coming. What is on its way is not good.

Remember that there’s more hate than love. That is already happening in the world. I don’t want to say goodbye and I don’t want to stop teaching you.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.