Mary, Maart 25 2019

Mary, Maart 25 2019

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba March 25, 2019 9:15PM

Receive a blessing that comes from all My heart. I see how the world is going and that hurts My heart. I’m coming from 21 years and I’m bringing messages to alert you and to give you the sign of the light of true love.

Today, on the day of the Assumption, your home will also receive My visit and that of the Angels to announce the coming of My only Son Jesus.

Peace, more peace, love and tranquility. You, My children, who are hurt and who are burdened, don’t lose faith, because I am with you today, tomorrow and forever.

The world is filled with turbulence. All around you there’s pain and problems. Do you have faith? Do you pray every day? Did you ask for forgiveness to start a new life? I’m waiting on that, because My Son Jesus wants for you to change your lives today, when you leave Koyari, so you can be a new son/daughter filled with love and peace.

Put your hand on your heart, feel … what you want to ask for. Whatever sorrow you have and whatever worry you have will be removed from you, but with your faith. Open to receive My grace, My love, My goodness and all the Mercy of My Only Son Jesus. I want to ask you something: Did you protect your family well? Did you ask and did you receive? Everything comes from pure love. Let all quarrels aside, don’t fight each other, because that hurts Me. There has to be peace, peace and more peace. If you are angry, forgive. My heart breaks when I see you breaking one another.

Put joy in your hearts, your souls, your feelings for the true faith. Open and receive grace, love and forgiveness. Today you all will receive the greatest grace for your lives. Do you want this? With great hearts and honesty, you are ready to work to go forward. Don’t stay behind, don’t let anyone push you down, but keep on going. I’m with you. My Son is with you, all the Saints and Angels are with you. Today I’ve offered the entire world two Angels who’ve come down from the Throne to earth, heaven and earth will tremble, your hearts will also tremble with the new angels who have come here to stay, to watch over your steps. Open and receive the precious rays and true love which will remain recorded in your lives and in your homes.

I know all that you are asking for and I also know the sorrow that you have brought tonight which will be removed from you. You have a lot of wishes for your lives. Ask, open, forgive and forget all the past. Start walking the path of Truth and Life. If in your house there’s something that isn’t right, take it out. Because if you don’t take it out, it will keep in your way. If you have My Son Jesus, if you have Me, all the Angels and Saints and there are negative things in your house they will be in your way of going forward. Think about what you have in your homes that is in your way of succeeding in your lives? Ask yourselves immediately when you reach your homes, walk everywhere, inside and outside.

Check your bodies if there’s something against the will of the My Son Jesus, remove it and throw it away. If you want an eternal life, clean and purified, filled with goodness, remove all that is bad that isn’t of My Son and nothing will be anymore in your way of progressing on your path. Think, forgive and if you have gone into the wrong path or if you dealt with the wrong people you must ask for forgiveness. Many sin against My Son Jesus. That hurts a lot. Today your closed and hardened hearts will open, they will become soft. You will receive the rays from head to toe, inside and outside.

Do you want a clean life, a purified life? My children, do you want Me to purify you? Open, but I mean truly open up your lives. Those who truly want Me to purify them and remove all negative things, all obstacles of the past and all damages that could have been done to you, I’m ready to prepare to help you as a Chosen Mother who has received the call as Mother of the Church and Mother of the Rosary who’s standing by your side. Are you ready for Me to purify you, for you to be forgiven? I will take your burdens and damages from the past to My Only Son Jesus. You will go to sleep relieved and happy. Tomorrow you will be a new person. Wherever you go people will see that your faces have changed, your pains and scars in your hearts will be gone.

Because today you are healed, freed and transformed, filled with miracles and filled with love. Who told you that you’re not worth anything? You are more worth than everything. Those who are here tonight has the most precious gift of your lives. Remember that I love you. Do you love Me? If you hurt, I’m also hurt. If you are happy, put a smile on your faces and answer in your heart “I’m healed, I’m freed, I trust and will keep on trusting.” My children, if you fall, rise! You will receive more strength than ever, because the Spirit of God will remain with you.

Remember to love My Visionary. Today is a special Annunciation Day and the Visionary was born on this special day. Trust that the Visionary is doing a good job, because she is chosen by Me, by My Son Jesus, by My Saints and My Angels.

Take your Rosaries in you right hand and promise today and forever to comply with the Commandments of My Only Son Jesus. Comply and you will receive Peace, Love and a sure Victory. Put the Rosary in the other hand and afterwards put both hands together. Never lose this Rosary, because this will keep helping you wherever you go and wherever you go to pray. Before you go to sleep, put the Rosary on your neck, because My Son Jesus remains always with you. Trust, because every day you will see a miracle which will happen with your entire generation.

Next month I will continue, I will you joy and happiness.

I say goodbye filled with love and peace.

Your Mother the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves for eternity.