Mary, June 25 2019

Mary, June 25 2019

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba June 25, 2019 9:14PM

Receive a blessing that comes from My whole heart for all my beloved children.

Peace and peace, love and tranquility. I’ve come to bring the tranquility tonight for those who don’t feel tranquility and love. Today I’ve brought 4 powerful Angels to give the greatest moment which is the Bread and Wine for you all. Today on your tongues you will receive My Son Jesus. He is the One who can help you where you will be closer to Him. Don’t move away from My Son Jesus, come closer to Him and stay away from all bad things. That’s why today, a great day, a blessed day, I’ve brought with My Angels the Bread of life, the Wine that gives wisdom, love, goodness, patience and tranquility. I’ve noticed that you don’t have love, patience and you have a lot of doubts in yourselves and in your family. You quarrel with those you help you most.

Those who are chosen for working the Roman Catholic Church of My Son Jesus will take Communion on their tongues. Stick out your tongue, push up your face, look up, ask for forgiveness before you take Communion. Today that is the gift that My Son Jesus has told Me to bring for you spiritually so you can receive eternal life. Are you ready for receive My Son Jesus in your life? You all want to be protected, guided, saved against all attacks y against all setbacks? Those who can kneel should kneel, those who can’t should stay standing and concentrate filled with love. With respect and with love, today you are blessed. Filled with miracle, filled with love, receive the greatest and most powerful strength in world for your lives. Accept with grace and with splendor, because this is going to help you change your life, your character, your way of being, you will become more humble, sincere, honest and work like you should for Me and for My Son Jesus, all My Saints and Angels. Offer Me your burdens, your pains and your sins. They are a lot. Don’t keep the, offer them to Me. It’s for this I’m hastened to appear tonight among you.

You will proclaim the good news that My Son Jesus is alive, and He is risen. He is the Spirit of Love and filled with the Holy Spirit. My Son Jesus will blow you tonight in your ears, your eyes, your nose and your mouth. He will make your hands move to praise Him. Your feet will move to walk to paths for pilgrimage to start saving souls on the streets. You will unite more with your family. Those who have moved away will come back to their family, they will hug one another and love each other, because the day is near.

Why are there so many disturbances, so many setbacks, so much pain and envy? That shouldn’t be! Tell Me and answer Me. Do you want a new life? Do you want a purified life? Do you want to stay in the true light? Do you want to show everyone that you’ve changed? From today on you will demonstrate to Me, and next month when I come to see you once more, that you truly complied, that you changed, that you didn’t shout and that you are happy with the divine gift you’ve received.

Receive the Spirit of Love, open your arms and call the Holy Spirit 7 times with love, sincerity and happiness. Today you are all touched, liberated and transformed. Today I want to tell you that you are greatly blessed. Don’t lose hope and don’t lose your faith. Offer Me all that is still stuck to your hearts with tears and pains just like you were squeezed, offer them to Me. Today I bless all those who are under the spells of witchcraft. I pray for all those who do evil and we all ask forgiveness for them, because they don’t know what they are doing.

Today before I leave, I want to leave My rose petals behind with you, the clouds, the air, all the beauty of the Celestial Glory. I want to give you a part of My fragrance, of My love and of My happiness from Heaven to Earth. If you are with My Son Jesus, no one can ever be against you. My Son Jesus is happy that you have received the Bread and the Wine spiritually in the moment of My visit, today June 25 2019.

I love you a lot and I don’t want to leave you. I don’t want to say goodbye, but I must go as I have more work in heaven with the deceased who have just arrived. All the souls who have arrived will pray with love for you who are on this blessed land of Koyari. Keep on coming, encourage others, because this is your place of refuge.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.