Mary, June 25 2017

Mary, June 25 2017

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA, Koyari, Aruba June 25, 2017 – 9:20PM

Receive a blessing that comes with all My love and from the depth of My heart. Today I offer a rose in each heart, especially in the hearts that are broken.

My children, today I know that many of you are pensive. Many of you have pain and great worries. Don’t remain with them, because they make you sick. I offer you a ray to the depths of your soul and a divine rose in your heart. Do you know how much I love you? Do you know how much I wait for this moment to see you? Do you also wait for Me? Answer Me. Do you all love Me? I love you a lot. Don’t be afraid of anything, triumph, go forward and not backwards. The Holy Spirit will remain recorded on this special date of today. Receive My grace, My love and My splendor.

Today I am ready to listen to you. Can you talk to Me for a moment? What are your problems, your doubts and your obstructions? Do you have problems at home? Do you have problems at your jobs? Do you have problems with your family? Lower your heads, close your eyes, concentrate and ask. With your eyes closed and your arms open you will receive, from your head to the inside of your hearts to the soles of your feet, the precious rays and divine roses.

Do you know how much I value you? Do you know how much you mean to Me? All of you who are non-believers and all of you who are present tonight are My children. Today I am closer than ever to your hearts. Ask Me and you will receive. Today I want to bring the light for all your problems, doubts, quarrels, disunity and darkness. Don’t let anyone break the love, the peace and tranquility that I offer you. Ask Me, because I still notice that some of you are not telling everything to Me. Speak, does your heart hurt? Is it wounded? Now I need you all as an instrument of peace, forgiveness and tranquility.

My children look all around you and see how many problems there are, also discussions, there’s envy and hate on one another. My Son Jesus, all My Angels and Saints are worried about the situation of this world. Why do many things have to happen? This comes because of a lack of prayer, of faith and of understanding, of love and of knowing your religion better. Breathe profoundly. When you get into problems, breathe, think of Me, think of My Son Jesus, think of your favorite Saint or think of your Guardian Angel who takes care of you, watches over you and protects you.

My children, take the opportunity that I can embrace you and hold your hand. Close your hand, which means that you have strength. Don’t say that you don’t have. Today you will receive the strength of a blessing. Don’t let anyone break you. Today you will say with Me, “I want freedom, victory, triumph and love within my family, good health and work that provides our daily bread. We have all come as a visitor so we can one day leave to Heaven with a beautiful heart.” Now with all confidence I offer you this special and victorious evening, which is filled with splendor and happiness.

My children, how many of you don’t know how to pray? Today I want to teach you how to pray, how to ask and how to get closer to My only Son Jesus. Do you know how to receive Him? Through the Holy Spirit that proclaims on your lips, on your tongues, in your hearts and He transforms your souls. Receive the Holy Spirit. Receive the Holy Spirit. Open your hearts and receive the Holy Spirit – with your eyes closed, concentrate and ask. You will receive divine gifts: the gift to speak, to evangelize, to preach, the gift of sentiment, of appreciation and of forgiveness. Cross your arms above your hearts and lower your heads. You will all receive My forgiveness through My grace as your Mother and Mother of My only Son Jesus Christ. Today feel happy and content, because today the gift for all who are present and pending is the most precious and divine gift, because you all love Me and you are forgiven. Say thank you, thank you, thank you from the heart. Don’t be afraid, but triumph!

When people speak badly of Koyari, defend Koyari. Don’t move backwards. Those who move backwards are afraid. I want those who love Me, who love My Son Jesus, all My Angels, Saints and Saint Joseph, to say aloud: “I am not afraid, I will triumph. I will protect my family so we can all go forward in faith.”

Today I want to say that there are still some of My children present here who don’t have enough faith. This comes because of many parts of your family that have broken you down; that’s why your faith is little. Stand up and show that you can succeed, that you can triumph through victory, through peace. Feel My love, My presence, because I am with you today, tomorrow and always.

Open the palms of your hands and receive the blessing and good health. Take care of yourselves My children, you only have one life. Give value and love what you are receiving for the glory of the Holy Spirit and in the name of My Only Son Jesus Christ, the Savior who has come to save and forgive each of you.