Mary, June 2 2019

Mary, June 2 2019


Mother Mary appeared with 2 power of Angels of the Throne, with Her mantle completely lit and with a smile on Her face, at the “grotto” at the home of the Visionary Valerie, in the 1st Glorious Mystery, in the 10th Hail Mary and the apparition took about 13min.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

Don’t delay in changing your lives, My children. Remember that time passes by too quickly. This same way I would like to come in front of My Son Jesus and ask Him your petitions. My Jesus listens to all of you, because He is filled with love and mercy. I know that you all have a goal and a dream to realize. If you fast, pray, read the bible and ask for forgiveness every day, do beautiful deeds and penitence, surely you will win the battle for the Victory. Don’t stay behind, neither stay far, but come closer to Me and to My Son Jesus. Those who fall need to stand up and keep on going. I explain: When you receive a miracle when you fell in sin, in temptation or in moments in the past when your life wasn’t good, you must proclaim it, because nothing is impossible. You must start from zero, start again, meaning, with a life that is renewed and transformed.

Remember that your bodies are a temple of the Holy Spirit. Let your soul and spirit live to go forward in faith. My children never doubt in My Son Jesus His love and His miracles in the world. Thank every day for the gift of life. Remember that you are all here for a reason, for helping others, specially all those who are suffering of depression and loneliness. I’ve noticed that those who have received help have not returned to thank. That breaks My heart and makes Me worry. As heavy as you’ve come you have left as relieved by the chosen children who have helped you. All evil who is being done in the dark will come out in the light of day one day, because My Son Jesus is the light of the world. Trust in Him and keep on trusting.

I’ve come to teach you what’s good and what’s bad in life that needs to be fixed. All those who use drugs, alcohol and smoke a lot are slowly ending your lives. If you are true and chosen children of My Son Jesus, you must abandon those sins. Also, there are of you who are using firearms and have them hidden in their homes – it’s brings danger, because evil enters your body and fills your head to harm someone else. What happens after, you have done it?

My children, when you think of eliminating a person you are no longer well. That is not the way that My Son Jesus wants, because you are not allowed to kill anyone – let My Son Jesus be the judge. Live in peace with one another, meet in prayers, pray, keep vigils, visit the Holy Sacrament in adoration, ask every day for My Son Jesus to help you, even though many times you wake up with hate upon each other. My blessing is for you to keep going forward. You are My children chosen with a lot of love.

Your Mother who love you forever, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba.