Mary, June 18 2020

Mary, June 18 2020


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of Visionary Valerie, in the 2nd Luminous Mystery, in the 7th Hail Mary and the apparition took 9min.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

I know that you are all worried in your mind for what is going to happen in the world. Did you notice that when you want to follow the path of the truth and life, you are persecuted? That is why you should hold tight to your faith in order not to fall, because it’s easy to fall into temptation.

When you try to help someone, who needs liberation and the person receives his liberation or transformation, he should give testimony of the assistance he received, and he should thank by means of good deeds. If he turns his back without doing this he’ll show contempt for the miracle he received. My children become more humble and sincere with yourselves and with others. If you are walking with the wrong people, then you become just like them in sin. Make sure you don’t fall in their traps and claws.

My children, hold tight to your faith and to your prayers for you not to fall in sin of temptation. The Sacrament of Confession is for you to remain free of sin; it’s for you to start a new life. Some of you believe in the Sacrament of Confession and others don’t.

Remember that everyday is not the same. Days and hours will pass by very quickly. I want to tell you My children, that the 3 days of darkness are on their way. You will see the sky turn grey and you won’t be able to see the stars as easy. The weather and wind will suddenly change. Some days the moon will shine and other days it will be dim. There will earthquakes at different parts of the world and the ocean will come upon land. Birds will not always sing, many of them will hide. You will hear the sound of the trumpets of Angels, because the day is closing in.

My children don’t become weak in faith but be spiritually strong. I hurt to see when you’re not strong enough.  You allow anyone into your lives, and they will embitter your lives. The world is facing a great calamity. Many things will no go to the way they were before. The rich will become poor, because they won’t be able to imagine that such a big change will happen to them. All the humble will rise; they will be able to go through calamity. My children, all that the world must go through needs to happen, because it’s been set in prophecy that it has to happen. The world will face problems and wars. Prayer is the only strength now. Those who don’t pray will not be protected.

I know that you don’t want to stay behind. What are waiting for to change your lives? Are you waiting for something to happen? Don’t wait until it’s late. That is what I see that always happens. My children, do you understand why you need to pray more? Because the more you pray, the more souls you are saved, and they enter heaven.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.