Mary, June 18 2019

Mary, June 18 2019


Mother Mary appeared with 2 powerful Angels in a brilliant light at the ‘grotto’ at home of Visionary Valerie, in the 1st Sorrowful Mystery, in the 8th Hail Mary and the apparition took 10min. Mother Mary is very worried about how the world is going.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

Many fathers and mothers don’t raise their children right. Mostly the mother or the father has more attention for their own Friends, while their children stay behind. Many of the children cry and become sad. Others become rebellious because there is no love between father and mother. When the child goes to school he is also rejected. Don’t let this happen My children. This is also part of abuse. How many children in the world are being abused; they hurt them a lot and gave them a lot of pain.

My children, how many of you remember to pray? I know that many of you forget to pray. Many of you go forced to Church and prayers, that is not right. You must go to prayers and Mass with all your heart and with love.

I and My Son Jesus are prepared for Our coming to the world. Nothing will delay any longer. Everything is already on its way. Get into the light and move away from the darkness. Convert before it’s too late. When God’s servants speak to you, you must listen well. Why do many things happen to you? Because many of you don’t want to listen to truth anymore. Many of you live to live, without thanking for the daily food. How many pray your Holy Rosary and pray your Bible so you can prepare your lives for what’s coming?

Life is already painful, don’t make it worse than it already is. Don’t do things in a hurry for them to result badly. You must pray before everything that you want to do. I want to give you strength and encouragement to keep on going. Those who listen will receive graces who will come directly from heaven to earth. One day My Son Jesus will see you face to face, because nothing is impossible.

I know that you have great wishes in life, but those who love My Son Jesus truly, My Son Jesus will slowly comply with their petitions and wishes. Why does My Son Jesus not immediately provide you with everything? Because many of you receive favors and you never return to the place where you received the help to thank.

All that is hidden will come out in clarity. I give strength to all those who are ill, so you can remain in tranquility. All will become well with you, trust always in My Son Jesus. I notice that a lot of people ask for help. Others with closed ears and hearts don’t want to help others. My children, you must be open to help those in need, always help from the heart and with love.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves you for eternity.