Mary, January 25 2014

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba January 25, 2014 – 9:12PM

To all My Children, a rich blessing that comes from Me and My 7 powerful Angels, who are accompanying me for the first time at My apparition here on this island where many can’t imagine. What’s impossible becomes possible.

My Children, I ask a favor, for all the families to unite like the Holy Family. Pray with each other, go to Mass and go to Holy Sacrament together, and don’t separate from one another, because evil is waiting to deviate you, to break the family. Don’t get tired of praying, because each one of you need one another to go forward.

When you bring flowers, it means happiness for My heart. When you write a letter, it means that you are heavy of problems and worries; I will offer all of the petitions in these letters to My Son Jesus. The candles mean the light to get you out of darkness.

This special water comes from the 25th level of the Glory, which is something unforgettable and very divine. This water is for you to drink, especially for the sick to drink and also to rub onto your bodies where you have pain – it also transforms hearts which have a lot of hate, wounds and stains, so that they can become humble and with a lot of love.

Keep praying for those who work for the Catholic Church, especially for the Priests and Bishops and for the Holy Father, also for all the servers of the Church and for the laity. This is why you should pray constantly. My Children, do you know have much I pray for you? I do this always. I’m a Mother who has you in My heart. For this you should open up to offer your weight of pain that you can’t carry anymore and I will take it with love to My Son Jesus.

My Children, the situation of the world remains difficult and it needs more prayer. Keep coming to the prayer sessions and keep coming to My apparition, that began in 1998. You will never remain alone. Pray with a joyous heart, because when you pray angry, the prayer will not go well and it won’t be heard. Always walk on the good path.

Your beloved Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.