Mary, December 25 2020

Mary, December 25 2020

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba December 25, 2020 9:06PM

Welcome in My heart and in the heart of My Son Jesus.

I’ve noticed that you run up and down every day. You are quicker than angels now. Do you know that Angels fly very quickly? These days I see you running everywhere to do favors for your family. I want you to make the same effort with the same courage for your conversion. Convert your family, make sacrifices, and do penance for your lives. Don’t run up and down for things that aren’t necessary. Run on the path to look for My Son Jesus, for the path of light, the way of the truth. I’ve noticed that you are all very tired, you lose sleep, you don’t sleep enough. You think about many things, good and bad. You are sad and happy, but I’d like to say that you are very tired. You don’t relax enough for your brain, your soul and your life.

Did you notice how fast time is passing by? That fast the year will end. I would like to say that many things will happen before the year ends. About the virus and vaccines, they are all dangerous. Others ask which vaccines they will need to take. I want to say that evil is very smart, he knows how to dominate your mind and heart which are very weak. You will run to get the vaccine; Don’t do it, My children. Ask My Son Jesus and implore. Do penance, pray novenas, go to Mass, pray with the family, convert, change your life and ask for forgiveness. Before the year ends, ask forgiveness for those who’ve hurt you. Don’t live with it, don’t live with anguish nor pain.

You ate, drank, was it all nice? Did you know that the world has nothing that is good? It’s true that I want you to be happy and I want for your dreams to come true. I repeat once more that I’ve noticed that you all carry pain and tiredness in silence. Who can tell Me tonight, with sincerity, that he/she is tired? Not tired of people, but tired of body and soul. Today with My blessing you will sleep nicely because you’ve come to Me and I’ve come to you. You have come to My Son Jesus and My Son Jesus has come to you. An encounter of light, peace, harmony, filled with splendor and graces in abundance. Then you all will make a wish in silence and sincerity and I will listen to you. What do you want to ask Me before the year ends? What do you want to ask Me when the year ends? Did you remember to bless your home with incense and poor blessed water on you? Did you remember to confess and take the bread that is the Christ My Son in your life? How many of you did fast?

You are pensive about not yet being ready with a few things this year. I know your wishes and I promise you that in the new year your wishes will come true. I promise you that I will accompany you, walk and pray with you. Ask more, hold My hand tight and don’t move away. Go forward. You have a purpose, a dream. In your heart, are you sincere for what you are asking Me? I promise to all present that great, victorious, and marvelous things will happen to you. You will receive a surprise that you’ve never gotten before because of your effort of coming to Me and to My Son Jesus today, Christmas evening.

I know that you have a lot to do and that you are busy, but there’s nothing greater than coming to My apparition. I’m coming to you for many years and you should be better with one another, you have to forgive and forget. You must start a new life filled with graces, splendor, and goodness.

When you’re humble and people speak badly with you everywhere, in your turn, you should speak in a good way to them. They will answer you “How is it possible that I speak badly to you and you speak in good way to me?” You will say, ”We are filled with the Holy Spirit, filled with love, we’ve been taught a lot about the laws of God, His Commandments, His 7 Sacraments, the life we should live.” Cheer up! Go forward, keep on going, because you can do more. Many times, you have hindrances and you let others be in your way. Don’t tell anyone what your secret is for next year, this secret is between you and Me. Did you listen well? Because when you tell someone about your secret, they will envy you, have anger and become jealous for you not to succeed. I, your Mother, want to tell you that you will succeed, because I’ve taken each and every one of your secrets with Me. I, your Mother, will put a smile on your face. There are some people who have asked more than others and great things, but they will all become possible. Do you believe that? Do you believe in the mercy of My Son, that He can do everything? He can move boulders and put them elsewhere. What does “Your dream” mean. They will come true. For your prayers and for your humility of coming to Me I promise to help you when you have problems. I will show you that this new year is a new life, a divine gift that comes from heaven to earth.

Do you want to receive My blessing with the blessing of My Son? Stand up and receive it. Open your arms and receive My blessing. I will fight for you, you all fight so you can all progress. There are people who need a lot of care, there a people in solitude, there’s a lot of discrimination and many people are staying away from each other. With this embrace I would like to tell you that I love you so much that I don’t want to let you lose.

Are you crying, are you sad and burdened? Do you have people in your life which caused hard times in your life? A friend, a colleague, on the road? Something that didn’t go well, and it has depressed your heart and soul. They are in your way of succeeding. Today I promise that the embrace that I give you here is an embrace of blessings and miracles. Go in your dreams which will come true.

Receive My blessing, My forgiveness so that My Son Jesus can save you in your tempest, in your pain and in all calamities of the Corona-virus.

Have you received an attack of evil in your dreams or in persecution? It will stop, because of the grace of My Heart will enter in your home, on top of your roofs, below the foundation. My blessing will enter inside and go outside your home. It will enter your car and go outside of it. It will enter your jobs and go outside of it. I will change your enemies, because My Son Jesus and I have brought this goodness to change people and for their hearts to become soft and humble. Do you promise that next month you will come to tell Me that you have seen this change?

I say goodbye and thank you from the heart for the entire year that you’ve accompanied Me, from January to December. We’ll keep together, with the same hope and the same fight. We go forward. I don’t’ want you to be sad nor have doubts anymore, but with authority so you can begin a new in a good way. Now with more love, say “I am going forward in 2021”.

The year 2020, the most painful year that I, your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, have come to know and I’ve seen the suffering of this world. I say goodbye to this year to start a beautiful and splendorous year, where your dreams will come true. I, your Mother, want to you go forward.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.