Mary, April18 2020

Mary, April18 2020


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light which is whiter than ever at the ‘grotto’ at the home of Visionary Valerie, in the first Joyful Mystery, in the first Hail Mary and the apparition took 11min


Peace and blessings for all My children in this world.

My children, I would like to say that nothing has changed. Some places have been hit harder by the virus than others. I pray every day for this to be removed. You can even get scared; you can be in pain and you will not know what to do. This makes it harder to comprehend. Every new day you do not know what awaits you. Why are many of you screaming? Many of you are because of hunger and a lack of money to buy food. Some people listen to you and help you, but there are others who will leave you with words in your mouth. Those will go into panic are those who had a good living and who are now in a hard situation. Life will start again for all these people.

My children there will be a lot of theft in all parts of the world. You will hear screams that will be of desperation. Even those who are used to working will find themselves at home and in troubles. Now it is not the moment to discriminate, but to pray together and united.

I want to talk to you about what the world will go through:

The 3 days of darkness will come and there will be a global purification to see who will stay behind and who will go to heaven. My Son Jesus does not say the day nor the moment in which it will happen, because the purification will come suddenly. After the 3 days of darkness God the Father will mend and renew this world. Then in the new world there will be no more suffering. The purification will come soon. I hurt for those who do not want to listen and do not want to believe that My Son Jesus exists. There will be a change between heaven and earth. My Son Jesus is the light of the world.

When you pray you help the souls in purgatory enter heaven. How many of you remembered to pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy 13 times? This prayer gives you strength to continue. My children convert before it is too late because this is the moment for conversion. Before the 3 days of darkness happens there will be miraculous signals in the sky for you all to see and believe. The sun will move again like in the year 17. Many will kneel, pray, worship and many of you will cry. Better love and ask each other for forgiveness before it is too late. There are still many of My children who remain rebellious. Even though there are many deaths in the world your heart remains hard and you do not want to convert. Many of your hearts and minds are closed for accepting. You must repent, reflect, and change your life of sin now that there is still time. If you fall, stand up and keep helping one another, because you too can fall in temptation of sin.

My children, there are people selling their souls to satan, be aware not to fall in satan’s traps. You received a lot of teachings, but you do not want to hear about the reality of life. All those who work for My Son Jesus’ paradise will surely gain the Celestial Glory. Now that you are more at home how much more are you praying for your conversion? Now you have time to pray and to prepare yourselves. My children, I am happy that you are doing something good and spiritual so the day can pass by. It gives joy to My heart.

Families, pray profoundly among each other. Do not make each other cry and suffer but try to understand each other better. It makes Me happy that you are complying with the will of My Son Jesus. Now there is enough time to do it. Do you know how much love My Son Jesus has for you?

There are people who think that My Son Jesus brought this virus and that is not true. I and My Son Jesus are battling against satan to stop the damage on this world. It is for this reason that God the Father will send a heavy test so that the world can reflect. There will be earthquakes, flooding from the oceans, there will different strong signals that many of you cannot imagine. There will be ferocious very large fires. The world needs tranquility in its nature. It needs a great change. It cannot remain the way it is now.

The brilliant star, who is My Son Jesus, will guide you all toward the best path. The days will go by quicker and you will see this yourself. Wherever you go you must proclaim that My Son Jesus is the King of the Universe. Do this without fear and doubt. I will come with more messages on April 20th to alert you.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.