Mary, April 25 2020

Mary, April 25 2020

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba April 25, 2020 6:48PM

Peace and a profound blessing from My heart for all My children. I embrace My children of the world just like I am carrying a child, because I am the Mother of the entire world.

Let My Son Jesus blow His breath upon you, which is His blessing and His fortitude, because He is the King of the Universe who sends you the Holy Spirit. All of you in the world are waiting on this day. Here I am once more, bringing the message to warn and alert the world that is filled with pain and problems. My Son Jesus wants to bless you, He wants to purify you, He wants to remove your sins, He wants to wash your past away so you can stand in your responsibility to start a new life and say “I want a new life. I don’t want to stay with the life I’m living.” Many of you have become cold, have turned your backs for prayers and the truth, that is dangerous.

Receive on the Holy Communion, which is the Body of My Only Son Jesus, on your tongue. Pull out your tongue and receive My Son Jesus spiritually in your life and in your heart so you can progress. Are you ready to receive Him? World, are you ready to receive the Holy Communion which is the mystic Body of My Son Jesus? His rays will enter your life, your home, your job, your doubts, your pains and in all the tragedies that you will suffer in these last days. Receive forgiveness and the blessing to continue in a life that is filled with a lot of evil, which is not right.

You must fix your life of sin now and do not delay in doing this.  I want you to convert. Are you ready and willing to fix what is bad? Stop with all the life of sin and error, walk to go forward and do not look behind. Even though your past was not right at all, but I, your Mother, give you the opportunity to start a life completely new. You will all receive on your tongue the Body of My Son Jesus, even though a lot of Churches are closed, but My Son Jesus has given Me permission to bring this message for you so you can receive Holy Communion. Receive and feel the Sacred Bread on your tongue. This is what you need to remove all evil, all bacteria and all illnesses from you so they will never return. Those who have faith, who are filled with love and the Holy Spirit, will not become ill, they will remain strong and well, do not be afraid.

My Son Jesus has always said these following words “Don’t be afraid of anything”. Triumph and succeed! I know that the situation of the world is not good, but you are receiving the blessing. Say “Yes” that you do accept to enter a new life and that you want to go forward in faith so save your family. My children, do you want to know something? Through the prayer of the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy of My Son Jesus, all those who are dying every day will enter Heaven and come to Us, We are waiting on them with open arms. Through the Novena of the Divine Mercy which was prayed, souls of those who are dying in these days will enter Heaven, they won’t enter Purgatory nor hell. Thank you for your prayers and your trust. Thank you for saying “Yes”. Thank your listening in silence.

This is the moment of reflection. Stay for a moment in silence and talk to Me, tell Me what is bothering you that keeps you behind, that keeps you tied up that you still aren’t able to succeed? Can you tell Me who is in your way in your life? Tell Me. Do not be afraid and don’t be scared, because I’m with you today, tomorrow and always, till the end of the earth. And when there is a new and purified world again, I will be with you. Those who listen and who are obedient to the Laws of My Son Jesus, which are His Commandments, His Sacraments, will succeed in a spiritual life.

How many of you have already prayed today? Or is it now that you are going to? Have you prayed the whole day today? My children make good use of your Rosary. You must put it on, sleep with it on and do not hang it on a wall or in your car and you do not use it for prayer. Did you know that the world needs prayers the whole day, because evil attacks those who are weaker in faith and spirituality? I remain sad, I cry. The world shakes for those who do not want to hear nor listen. Those who truly love Me and My Son Jesus, My saints and My Angels will gain the Eternal Glory. Do you believe this? Do you trust this? Say yes within your heart. Your heart says everything. I know that you hurt in this situation. I want to remove your hurting. I want to caress you with My hand on your face. I see that you are tired, why do you tire your bodies so much? Your health will get setbacks. Do not tire yourself too much. If you do divine things for My Son Jesus and Me, that will be a gained Victory for sure. But if you do nothing for Me nor for My Son Jesus, clearly you will go backwards in your spiritual level. Do you know how many blessings you’ll receive when you work for My Son Jesus’ Paradise, for the Church and for prayers? You will receive graces 77 times. That is a revelation between you and Me.

Do you want to talk to Me? I am here to listen to you. Do you listen to Me? I am your Celestial Mother, filled with Grace, Love and Light. Walk in the light, do not walk without light. Walk in the light and the light will help you to progress. Many times, you hold hands with people who are filled with the darkness. You who are spiritual children need to help others so they too can receive the light of salvation. Do not let the light abandon you.

My children, are you willing to accept to be forgiven? Say “Yes” of say “No”. Do you want to be forgiven to start a life transformed, filled with rays, light and love? Even though there are people who do not love, I will make them love you through the breath of My Son Jesus and through His blessing. My Son will blow this world with His breath and His power; and He will calm down all the disasters that this virus has caused which are killing a lot of people day by day.

I, your Mother, want to pray with you. Are you ready to pray with Me? Fold your hands together, lower your heads and pray with Me: “Mother Mary, I know that I’m a sinner, but I don’t want to live like this anymore. I want to work more for the God’s Kingdom, and I want to abandon the world of the darkness completely. I want to be your servant, today, tomorrow and forever. I would like to have blessings for my family, for my children, for my home, for my job and for my daily bread.”

I know that a lot of homes have pain and they do not have food, that makes very sad. My children, pray, pray, ask for everyone to have bread on their tables. Not that you are eating, and others are screaming of hunger. My children stand up and help your neighbors, that is written in the Commandments of My Son Jesus. It is true, you are all thinking every day what else you can expect in this world.

Now is the moment in which I would like to ask you to ask Me in your heart and in silence – I am listening. What do you want to ask Me? I am here to listen to you before I enter Heaven and before I see goodbye. Tell Me, do not keep it in your heart. Tell Me what are your problems and what are your worries.

Did you know that My Son Jesus is marvelous? He is the King of the Universe. He is everywhere. He helps all those who are tired and burdened with a lot of problems. There are only problems around you. Today I want for those problems to go away and disappear from you. I want you to be filled with graces, with My love and My splendor. I am here, hold My hand, do not let Me go. Do you want to hug Me, hug Me. Do you want to hold Me tight, tighter than you can? I will wait when you will be willing to hug Me tightly. I will caress your hair, your face and your back. My Son Jesus always does this with Me and today I want to do it with you. Do you know a secret? Every day My Son Jesus puts His hand on My veil and caresses My hair. He caresses My face and tells Me “Mother, I’m with you. Would you like to visit the island of Aruba? I’m happy because that is a message that that island needs to send to the world.”

My children, do you know how much love My Son Jesus has for Me and for you? Remember that He died for you without complaining, without murmuring and without hurting anyone, for love for you. That same way of showing His love for Me He has for you; well you can show your love the same to your family. Will you promise Me that from now on you will become a new person, more loving and a better person? In the case you are a bad person you will receive sudden tests by Me, My Saints and My Angels. We are praying for all of you to receive a new heart, which is noble and willing to say “Yes”, to accept to pray for this world.

Thank you for listening to Me, thank you for coming to Me, thank you being pending for Me, thank you for My flowers, candles, the letters and for all the religious articles that I’ve blessed today; Thank you that you are with Me. World! Here I am! I am your Mother. Chosen Mother and elevated as Mother of Heaven and Earth. World receive My blessing and My grace.

I say goodbye and thank you for your presence. Slowly you are learning more of My love spiritually. Let My Son Jesus blow on you with His breath and His blessing. Let His Blood leak on you and heal your wounds. Do not abandon Us, but come closer to Us, so We can come closer to you. Be pending for more messages on May 2nd.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves you forever.

Amen, Amen, Alleluia, Alleluia. For the Glory of the Holy Spirit.