Mary, April 20 2020

Mary, April 20 2020


Mother Mary appeared to Visionary Valerie with 2 powerful Angels in the 3rd Joyful Mystery, in the 4th Hail Mary and the apparition took 11min.


Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart.

The world is filled with pain, worry and with a lot of problems. How many of you are asking for forgiveness for your lives to get better? I know that nothing is easy any longer. Every one of you is going through great, hard and strong tests. I notice that you are in a heavy depression. Please get out for just a moment to distract your mind and heart. It is true that you pray, but you are eating more than before. You do not want to get out of the depression, but you are eating more than before. You remain depressed and you become worse. Penance means fasting and remembering others who do not have food. At many people’s homes there are people becoming aggressive, their character changes and they hurt others without needing to. This happens because many of you have lost your jobs and you do not have money.

My children, have your noticed that the Churches are closed, and prayer groups are closed? It is because of this that you become cold for prayer; you do not wish to continue anymore nor to unite in prayer. You close your door for others. Once more I say, life is no longer easy. Because of the distancing life has become like a discrimination. Many of you do not live in love for one another anymore and there is no longer a union in the family. Many of you have become selfish and do not want to share with others. That hurts Me a lot. This situation will not get better for now. Hold tight to your faith so you will not fall into sin. When you do good deeds, I become very happy.

My children, how many of you have prayed the Chaplet of Divine Mercy 13 times every day? How many of you have read the Word of God every day and helped others to grow spiritually? Did you remember to put a white candle and holy water in your house? You must all make efforts to be able succeed in life.

I also want to say to mothers and fathers to see what type of games your children are playing, because there are games that are good and there are some who are diabolic. The bad influences of these games can get into your children. Many of them change and they say that they no longer love My Son Jesus. They do not want to be in the spiritual light, but they look for the diabolic darkness. It is difficult for them to change or go back to the way they were.

Through the precious Blood of My Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit you can all be illuminated on the good Christian path. Do not fall back in faith, but keep walking forward, because your life has great value. Always keep the light of My Son Jesus lit in your lives and do not be afraid. Do not let anyone deviate you in sin. My children, every one of you need to start changing your lives that are bad so you can succeed in the life of salvation. When My Son Jesus knocks on the door of your hearts, open and receive Him with open arms. I love you with all My heart and I will give your messages on the 25th of April. Thank you from the heart.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba who loves you forever.