Mary, April 2 2019

Mary, April 2 2019


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light at the “grotto” at the house the Visionary, in the second Sorrowful Mystery, in the 5th Hail Mary and she remained 8min.


A blessing for all those who believe and for those who do not believe. I give messages to those who do believe.

My children, you better believe than remain without believing, because all who have rejected and abandoned all the messages that have come from Me and from My Only Son Jesus have to give account one day of all they have done. Many times you receive assistance and you don’t come back to give thanks nor do you thank for what has been done for you. Many of you turn your backs for the truth.

My children, look for what is good and not for what hurts you. Make sure you always remain on the good path and in a Christian life. Live in the truth so you can go forward. Love what makes you happy and bring more people to My Only Son Jesus.

This is the time for reflection. Make yourselves available to serve My Son Jesus in the 40 days of passion and death. If you fall, rise and keep on going, because the problems will become greater than ever in your lives. You all remain on a test every day.

My children, don’t lose hope, I keep watch to see if you walk on the good path. Don’t go onto the paths that hurt you. Let the Holy Spirit descend upon you and give you special gifts. My children, teach those who don’t know how to pray the Holy Rosary, help them to pray it. Also, teach those who don’t read the Bible to read and explain it. You need to take time for the grace of God to open your paths. On the 13th I will come with more messages.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever.