Mary, April 13 2020

Mary, April 13 2020


Mother Mary appeared in a very brilliant light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of Visionary Valerie, in the 2nd Sorrowful Mystery, in the 5th Hail Mary and the apparition took 11min.Mother Mary appeared with 2 powerful Angels in a very brilliant light at the ‘grotto’ at the home of Visionary Valerie, in the 2nd Joyful Mystery, in the 3rd Hail Mary and the apparition took 15min


Peace, love, and a lot of blessings for all My children in this world.

I am happy to come to you once more. Are you also pending with My arrival? There are a lot of calamities and turbulences that keep happening in the world, because a lot of you live without God.

There are people with food and others without food, that is why those who have more than enough food should help others who are in need. Those who do not have enough can cause damage to others, because hunger will become stronger in your life. Others will strike on places to steal out of desperation. It is hard to say, but how many times did I and My Jesus ask you to plant? There are others who do not want to listen to start planting and they are in your way of harvesting so you can have food for tomorrow. Did you not notice that there are a lot of plants growing that are good for your health and that you can use as medicine? You must learn to give value to all these plants. You must do all planting with love so you can receive fruits. It is not easy to get to buy fruits, because people can run out. Many people will go to your homes and knock on your doors because of hunger. Do not only think on yourselves, but first feed the children before you feed yourselves. Life is painful. Imagine that you are at home and there is no food and you did not save for such a situation like this one. Have you ever thought that one day you would go through such a situation as big as this one in your life?

I also want to ask you My children to do something; I ask from My heart that if you keep animals for farming that you also remember to feed them and give them to drink. Do not mistreat them because all the animals are loved very much by Saint Francis of Assisi. If you are not able of taking care of them give them to someone else who can.

Remember My children, sin no more as the world is already burdened with pain and serious problems. Start a Christian life and change your erroneous thoughts. My Son Jesus has your name in His heart, that is why you should believe in His word, because He is the owner of Heaven and Earth. My Son Jesus knows all that is happening in your life. Remember that a lot of you will be persecuted because of Me and My Son Jesus, because of your great love for Us. Do not be afraid and proclaim the good news that My Son Jesus is the King of the Universe.

Do not blame My Son Jesus for the presence of this virus in the world. Kneel, ask for forgiveness so that the virus can be gone. Did you remember to pray every day? Did you help others so they can open their hearts and start praying? Do not perish in your sins but in the grace of My Son Jesus. Do not offend others anymore nor hurt one another. Move away from the darkness of sin and come into the light. I want to console you so you will not suffer anymore and so that you can enter one day in heaven.

My children, do you know how much I love you? When you are lonely at your home, I would like you to convert and become a new person in faith. I know that many of you have committed large sins, which never should have happened. My Son Jesus is wonderful, and He is always ready to forgive those who repent to start a new life. Let the Holy Spirit work in all of you. I ask My Son Jesus for you to receive spiritual gifts. Then you will proclaim His Word wherever you go without fear, because that is the will of My Son Jesus. He will have you do what he would like you to.

You must unite more with each other within the family and with your loved ones. Before you get married in the Sacrament of Marriage, which is sacred for My Son Jesus, you must look for a spiritual person to help you and understand you in your life. Look for a spiritual person to be your partner so you will not go through quarrels and mistreatments in your life. I see you in a lot of tears of all the problems within your families. Every house treats one another worse than the other. Many of you are living scared which is not good, because that damages your health.

My children, I always pray for you, especially for those who have an illness and for all the sins that are still stuck with you. Pray together within the family and do not be afraid of praying in front of each other, because that fear will go away when you get accustomed to each other.

My children, I ask you to see and read more about the lives of all the Saints so you can convert and live a Christian life.

Your Mother, who loves you forever, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba.

I will bring more messages for you on April 18th.