Mary, April 13 2018

Mary, April 13 2018

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA Koyari, Aruba April 13, 2018 2:30AM

Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous, ward and marvelous light at the ‘grotto’ at the house of the Visionary, in the first Sorrowful Mystery, in the third Hail Mary and the apparition took 10min. Mother Mary came with some Angels to offer all that is coming for the world.


Receive a rich blessing from all of My heart. Thank you for listening to My message. This is an alert and a warning for all that is coming to world.

Don’t delay changing and convert your lives. Open your hearts and love one another more and more. To forget your past you have to ask a lot of forgiveness, because many of you are dying with all the sins that you have in your soul.  Every time you have to go to Church or to prayer you don’t arrive because there are obstacles to reach your goal and victory. You always have something to do or there’re lies for you not to arrive, because evil has you dominated; Some of you go after the wrong people, others speak badly, or judge and others do evil for another. Where do you think that you are going? In the Glory, purgatory or hell? Remember My children, you are all in a very great test.

You have no idea what is going to happen in the world in these last times. Rays will come down from the sky on the world and these will be the first signals that will start to happen. This is very great and serious – and it is close. The war will start, and it will the start of calamities, hunger, screams, pain, suffering – innocent deaths will fall. A loud sound from heaven will announce God’s fury. The Vatican will remain with their hands on their heads and the Holy Pope will be more worried than ever. The situation of the world will change drastically.

Many of you are called, but a few are chosen. Many of you will start a new life. Fall on your knees, repent from the heart and pray with all your strength and with a lot of love for the world, because what has to happen will happen. Don’t play with the divine, this is something serious. Those who listen to Me, who serve Me and My Son Jesus and who pray the Holy Rosary every day will not perish in their sin, but they will receive salvation by the grace of the Holy Rosary.

Remember to protect your soul and proclaim that My Son Jesus is Almighty. Live to go forward without looking behind and don’t ask why so many things are happening to you. Your conscience will let you think about your past and these are greater tests that you will go through. Don’t get angry quickly, don’t be rebellious and believe without seeing, because what you are going to see with your own eyes will let you yourself fall down of fright. For a long time, I and My Son Jesus have given our Visionaries all the messages and now it is your turn to see the reality of life. Never do something painful to each other, for you not to receive pain back. You don’t know what awaits you. My children, don’t die amidst your sins, because that will be much harder for you.

There will be a silence in the world, after that you will all hear a loud noise and it is than that My Son Jesus will choose who will stay and who will go in the Celestial Glory or in world completely new. All the My Son Jesus has promised in the world will fulfilled. Many times My Son Jesus has spoken with My Visionary, but you don’t take her seriously. You have abandoned here and left her alone, that is a very great sin.

I part thanking you for listening to My message.

Your Mother, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba, who loves you forever. Amen