Mary, 2 October 2017

Mary, 2 October 2017

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA, Koyari, Aruba October 2, 2017 – 2:25AM

Mother Mary appeared in the grotto at the home of the Visionary, in a brilliant light, with a smile and happy, where She has been appearing to warn and alert the world about what is going to happen. Mother Mary has come with all Her heart open for us and ready to help all those who ask Her. Mother Mary appeared in the second Joyful Mystery, 4th Hail Mary and She remained for 12min.

Message for the Non-Believers

Receive a blessing that comes from the bottom of My heart. Thank you for opening your heart and accepting Me as your chosen and humble Mother in the world.

I still see many people who are remaining behind. They don’t go to Church, they don’t pray at home, they neither thank for their food, nor for their night’s rest and when they wake up in the morning to thank for a new blessed day.

Many of you just live and you hold hands with the wrong people, who don’t bring you forward, but keep you behind. My children, if you live a life like this, where you don’t believe in anything and neither do you do works of charity and goodness, you remain in the darkness without listening to the advice to go forward; then you won’t be able to reach the victory to gain Heaven.

Love your brothers and sisters like My Son Jesus loves you. Don’t be afraid of anything to draw near someone who’s fallen, but help him rise again to keep in a spiritual life and go forward. Don’t be afraid of hugging him, but hold his hand and tell him how much you love him. Don’t it in the name of My Son Jesus with love, which He has in abundance for you. I say this once again, don’t be afraid to help a person who needs help. Those who listen will live beautifully and long.

I know that life isn’t easy, but you can do better. Remember that you are all on a test every day. How many of you remember to pray every day? When you pray it makes Me very happy, because prayer is the strength for your lives. Something else I’m worried about are the families. There are many broken families. This happens because there is not a lot of communication, there’s no faith, nor love, nor patience within families.

My children, don’t stay with your sins that depress you held in your hearts. Don’t stay with them, but offer them to Me so you can stay free to keep doing better in your lives. If you are happy, I will also be happy and if you are sad and worried, I will also be sad. If you still haven’t succeeded with what you wish, don’t worry, your miracle and gift are coming and your wishes will come true.

Don’t break any hearts, don’t play with people’s feelings and neither offend others. Because of this there are many illnesses that you yourselves look for – it’s a simple word: hate. That makes a lot of people sick and they need to start all over. There are also many people who are mentally ill.

Do you remain with your hearts hard and you don’t have any respect? How much longer do I need to offer the Visionary My messages so you can become humbler and a good person? I want you to be sincere with yourselves and with others, so you can also be humble and you can walk without raising yourselves and surpassing others – that is a very great sin, My children. Always be humble and don’t raise your voice. Kneel and ask for forgiveness, don’t treat each other a bad way, don’t throw words and objects towards each other. Before you do something, think and pray before you do it so it doesn’t end up bad and regret it. Love your enemies more than those who you are used to in your everyday life.

You will receive great rewards from Heaven from Me and from My Son Jesus. Those who behave well in this world have a special place in Heaven. I know all your worries and all you have in your heart.

Also, thank you for all the letters, for the flowers and candles. Thank you from the heart for all that you do for Koyari. I send you graces in abundance.

My children, I say goodbye, but I would like to tell you, even though people treat you badly, love them anyways with love in My name and in the name of My Son Jesus.