Mary, 2 January 2018

Mary, 2 January 2018

MESSAGE OF THE VIRGIN OF GRACE OF ARUBA, Koyari, Aruba, January 2, 2018 – 5:22AM

Mother Mary appeared with Angels from the Throne in the ‘grotto’ at the home of the Visionary, in a splendorous and brilliant light, in the second Sorrowful Mystery, on the 7th Hail Mary and has remained for 12 min.


Receive a blessing with all best wishes that come from all My Heart.

My love is great for each of you. I’m a Mother that is very worried for what is come for what is coming to the world: There will various fires in the year 2018. There will be hunger and desperation, more than ever in the world and there will be a lot of sudden destructions at different parts of the world. You will all remain with your hands on your heads and very afraid.

Many of you, My children, will not understand each other anymore in the world. This means that war is on its way. There’s more hatred than love and that hurts My heart. Do you see people who live in houses who buy and lot of things, but in their hearts there’s no happiness, nor love and neither tranquility. Do you see people with smiles, but inside their hearts and their soul they are distraught, empty and without love. Painful things are happening everyday in the world. Many of you don’t live in peace with one another anymore. There very little houses where families live the way they should.

When you, as spiritual and blessed children, seek for refuge elsewhere you hurt the one I and My Son Jesus love most. This happens due to a lack of prayer and more faith. Those who truly pray from the heart are not allowed to hurt anyone else. If you want to go into the Celestial Glory one day you have to ask for forgiveness, so your souls and hearts may remain clean and pure. Hold tight to your faith. Don’t let an enemy keep you from going forward. Why do these things happen? Because you hold hands with the wrong people and you listen to their advice which is not right.

Every day I see a lot of quarrels in a lot of houses on earth. Always when you do a deed, don’t do it forcedly, but do it rather from the heart. Don’t say no to My beloved Visionaries. My heart trembles when I speak to you – I am that preoccupied.

Pray more for the Bishops, Cardinals, Priests and for the Holy Pope, because this year they will be persecuted more than ever. Dedicate one Holy Rosary to them and pray it kneeled for their salvation, in honor of the Holy Spirit and of Saint Joseph, as this year it’s the year of the truth.

Thank you for listening to My message. May the goodness and the infinite love remain on you. I offer you mercy for 2018. I’m a Mother of grace who offers all Her graces for the world.

Before I remain, I see a lot of people who have become cold towards prayer. This makes more worried, because evil attacks and you leave an open space for evil to enter and destroy your home.

I remain with My message and I ask you to hold tight, so you won’t fall into sins. Remember to always give respect to each other.

Your Mother who loves you forever.