Mary, 13 September 2017

Mary, 13 September 2017


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light, with a worried heart Mama Maria at the ‘grotto’ at the Visionary’s home, in the 4th Glorious Mystery, 4th Hail Mary and the apparition took 12min.


Come My children, come live in My heart. Never move away from Me and My Son Jesus. I ask you every day to pray more and more. Every day you should pray the Holy Rosary and those who listen will live well and will have a long life.

In the world, good and bad things happen, but most of the time more bad things happen than good things. I offer all your petitions to My only Son Jesus. It’s never too late for you to convert. Don’t let something serious happen to run looking for Me and My Son Jesus. Remember that you are all on a very great test. If you want peace, tranquility and happiness you must start within your own homes and with yourselves first.

Don’t lose hope and remain without praying. Open your hearts more and more for the truth. Those who already know how to pray should help others who don’t know how to pray. Put your hand on their heads so they can receive wisdom to win the victory. Prayer is the greatest strength that is needed now in the world, this will become your solution.

Can you look around you and see how much pain, death, disgust, hunger, thirst, lack of clothing, screams and more suffering there is? For this you need to ask for forgiveness every day for the purification of your souls. This will be a new start of your life, because many of you are stuck to materialism. That is why you should come closer to Me and My Son Jesus as quick as you can.

Many of you say that My Son Jesus doesn’t exist. Now more than ever, My Son Jesus has His sight on the world, but a lot of you choose for the darkness and evil. That is what is taking you in the damnation of total darkness. That is why I, your Mother, am very worried for this world. Many of you move away from the truth and you don’t go to Mass, you don’t pray together within the family and many of you just live to live. There you can see, My children, how many prayers are needed in the world. Your hearts must be kinder and more open.

Mothers and fathers, don’t get tired of talking about the religious life with your children. Teach them to read the Gospel every day so they can receive wisdom and knowledge to go forward. Than you will receive the Holy Spirit and many great gifts to help each other. Many children hold hands with the wrong people who are diabolic. Don’t lose hope and don’t think, that you are alone. I’m much closer to you than most of you can imagine. My children, the whole family must walk together to increase their faith more in My only Son Jesus.

You must pray every day 25 Our Fathers, 25 Hail Mary’s and 25 Glory Be’s through the end of December 2017. When the situation is very painful you must pray 13 Chaplets of the Divine Mercy so that My Son Jesus can have mercy with you. My children, you can do this when get the opportunity and the right moment. Don’t say that you’re tired or that you don’t have time. I know that life isn’t easy anymore, but I your Mother, together with the Saints and Angels, am going to pray much more to protect you.

Carry your sickness with a lot of love, that is the greatest proof that you can offer to Me and My Son Jesus.

Come My children, come closer to My heart and I will protect you with My mantle of light. I offer to each of you who read My message a bouquet of roses in each home in the world.

Your Mother, who loves you forever, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba.