Mary, 13 October 2017

Mary, 13 October 2017


Mother Mary appeared in a splendorous light with clouds under Her feet in the 3rd Sorrowful Mystery, the 3rd Hail Mary. She was bare feet, with open arms and an open heart at the ‘grotto’ at the Visionary’s home. Mother Mary came with a marvelous ray around Her and She is very worried about the situation of this world. The apparition took 13min.


To all My children, receive a blessing that comes from the profoundness of My heart.

My children, I’m worried for all who are suffering because of one or other illness. Now is the moment that I’m going to see if you are going choose the path of the truth. Break all battles that cross your paths with love and prayer.

I know all that is happening with every one of you. I know that your pain is great; Don’t stay with it, but offer it to Me so I can help you, because every pain of your suffering is also My pain. Don’t lose hope and neither your faith. Don’t do things in a hurry that may result badly. Think before you do something in life. Don’t spend money for nothing on worldly things and afterwards you regret it. Others scream, others stamp their feet and speak badly to each other, because simply, they don’t want to listen to the Holy Spirit.

Thank every day for those who always give you good advice to go forward. These are the good people that I have placed in your path to give you advice. Remember that My Son Jesus has a great love for the world and for all of you, because He has come to save and give you the opportunity to ask for forgiveness to start a new life: A life restored with a lot of strength and love.

My children, if you see danger ahead, don’t keep going on that path and listen when My Visionaries receive messages for the world. Listen to them, it’s for your own good, because a spiritual advice is always important for you. It’s best for you to listen than to remain without listening. Don’t remain with a hardened heart. When one of you does something good in life you feel happy and joyful that you have done charity. If you fall, rise again, keep on going and keep on going. Show that you can keep on going forward. Remember that life is no longer easy, because the tests in your lives are becoming greater and greater. No suffering happens for nothing; These are warnings about things that have happened in your past through generations.

Why deny while you have enough to help another? Do you know that My Son Jesus can take away all that you have in abundance? I see that you have done no charity to anyone nor to your loved ones. You want everything for you only and this is also a sin – and you still have more sins that need to be forgiven. Don’t be afraid to do and comply. Let loose, deliver and show My Son Jesus how much love you have for Him. Remember that when you die you won’t take anything with you – it’s only your soul that will rise up to heaven.

I still see people with closed hearts and also with hard thoughts. I and My Son Jesus will make your hearts soft and humble. The greatest proof that you can give to Me, before the end of the year, is to demonstrate to Me that you will succeed in making your hearts humbler.

A humble and poor person will help another quicker than a person who has money. A poor person won’t think much to help you, but a rich person will think a lot before helping another. Don’t treat each other badly, because I know everything. My children, convert before it’s too late, because in the world more bad things are happening than good things. I will keep putting my profound gaze upon you all.

I wish peace for the entire world.

Your Mother who loves you forever, the Virgin of Grace of Aruba.